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We want to be your favorite antique store. How's that?:)

I just want to thank the many of you who shop with us online and in our physical stores. At Aardvark Antiques we buy entire estates and pass the savings on to you! We carry unused floor samples of the top American name brand furniture selling them for a fraction of what you would pay at a fine furniture store. We also are selling all over the country now thanks to your patronage not just our 2 north Atlanta stores.
In one year we have gone from 300 in the Google rankings for Antique Furniture and 10 ft + dining tables to quite often being on the front page. This is because we are relevant, legitimate, and have some of the finest pieces at unbelievably good prices.
Thank you again for making us one of the best in the nation. If you haven't shopped with us please visit us at www.aardvark-antiques.com ; or one of our physical stores in Oakwood or Gainesville, Ga. near Lake Lanier. Please join our mailing list to get first news of the fine estate sales we conduct and the estates we purchase and bring into the stores daily!

I would love to meet you personally,

Charles Pharr Jr. CEO
Aardvark Antiques, Inc.
Accredited Appraiser with
International Society of Appraisers

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Comment by RC Antiques on March 17, 2010 at 8:18am
Good morning to you in wonderful Georgia. I am only a store on Ruby Lane, not actually Ruby Lane. I am happy to see your shop is doing so well. And, anyone from Georgia has to be nice, I love the South. So, thank you for editing your title. I tell everyone out there selling antiques and collectibles, we are all in this together...after all, we all got into this because we love antiques and collectibles. Best wishes, and if I ever get down your way, I will stop in and give those adorable pets in your photo a hug. Best wishes, Linda of RC Antiques on Ruby Lane who always begins the day early with a cup of coffee and checking to see what's happening on iantiqueonline
Comment by Charles Pharr on March 16, 2010 at 8:22am
Well hello Ms. Linda Caricofe. Up and busy this morning aren't you? I couldn't agree more. I just wanted a striking headline. I never knew that pay-per click helped you move up on the list though. We have just grown organically. I am certain we could never hold a candle to the size of Ruby Lane. We just little bitty stores in Ga. I guarantee if you contact us by phone or visit you will not think we are not nice. Hope you have a great day!
Comment by RC Antiques on March 16, 2010 at 6:09am
I have to say stating you are the BEST online antique store is not nice. All of us in the antiques ( and collectibles ) business are in the same boat. To state you are the best , I need more than where you are on the Google list, especially since paying for clicks and so forth helps one to move up on the list. To me, the best is different in each buyer's mind. The Internet is a huge universe , the very best shop on the Internet could be a tiny little shop in the back woods. So, instead of boasting the BEST ON ONLINE ANTIQUE STORE in capital letters leads me to think that perhaps you need to look around first and see what other shops are out there besides your own. ALL shops need to compliment each other. Competition is for retailers, not antique dealers. Your huge capitol letters statement did not bring a smile to my face when I signed in on Iantiqueonline this morning to enjoy my coffee, so, that leads me to think that perhaps you may think you are the best, but bragging with capitol letters as your heading leads to to think, not. Sincerely, Linda of RC Antiques on Ruby Lane
Comment by Charles Pharr on March 15, 2010 at 10:52pm
Hate to be the first to comment on my own blog but I just did a Google search for antique furniture. We are on the first page at #3. Thanks so much patrons! Go here to check us out

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