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While researching last year for information on a book I acquired at an estate sale called "The Holly Boy" 1955, I came up empty handed, except for a very interesting comment on an old (and now inactive) blog. The authors post was a quick review of a newer version of the book "The Legend of Holly Boy", but the most interesting part came in the comment section where a reader claimed that he is the Holly Boy. That in fact, the book was inspired by him.

Keep that in mind... but first let me introduce you to someone you have probably never heard of, The Holly Boy. Written by Frank Latino and illustrated by Beatrice Grover. Published by Helen Cole, Inc. 1955. This book seems to be the first (and maybe only) edition. It's just a small pamphlet really, 7" x 5", with only twelve pages.

Try as I might and even checking different search engines, I never found anything about a book called "The Holly Boy", it continually came up The "Legend" of the Holly Boy. I did not find one other image or mention of the book that I have in my possession. If any of you readers have information about this book or have ever heard or seen it, please share.

Let me tell you a bit about the story in the book that I have.

This is actually a very sweet Christmas story about a girl named Linda, who wonders about the happiness of a holly wreath hanging in her window. She laments that the holly was alive, but now has been cut up and tied into a shape of a wreath and how could it possibly be happy? To her surprise the holly wreath comes alive and forms itself into the shape of a boy. He tells Linda not to feel sorry for him.

The Holly Boy continues to explain to Linda why he is the happiest he has ever been. After he feels he has convinced her that he is fine, the Holly Boy whirls himself back into the shape of a wreath and is back hanging on her window again. Below are the Holly Boy's last words to Linda.

It is a wonderful feel good message that we can all embrace during the holiday season.

So that is the basic story, but it didn't end there. Researching on the internet brings up all sorts of interesting tidbits. If you would like to read the entire post and the excerpt and comment from the real "holly boy"  you may visit my blog Always Crave Cute.  Again, anyone with any information on this book would be greatly appreciated. Any discussion from sellers on how one prices an unknown book such as this is also encouraged.

I hope you enjoyed this little mystery book! ~ Diane

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