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Vintage Touch - My Story

My Interest In Antiques Goes Back To Childhood

I remember being drawn to antiques & older type things even as a child. When visiting my grandma, I was always bringing home some little treasure that she allowed me to have, whether it was an old ledger from days gone by or some other trinket that attracted my attention.  There was always something, and I enjoyed visiting grandma.  

Decorating My Home With Older Pieces

Moving into my early adult years, I found myself attracted to old pieces for my home.  The new department store things didn’t speak to me the way an object with character wear did.  This was the emergence of my ‘antique decorating gene’.  Later on after the kids were grown, I started attending more auctions and visiting more antique stores….I remember just absorbing what I saw.  I yearned to be able to assemble a group of objects and make them look attractive in a collective setting.  I wanted to go into business!!!!

Conducting Regular Yard Sales 

So, my business experience started with my own yard sale/antique show that I conducted twice a year from my own garage…I displayed the things like an antique shop, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I also sold online through the eBay auction at that time.  But something just kept on tugging at my heart…..I WANTED TO REALLY GO INTO BUSINESS.  

The Beginning of Vintage Touch

So, several years later (2004) it was…I took the plunge and set up a shop space in a little antique shop - and VINTAGE TOUCH was born choosing my antique rag doll for my avatar.  Not too many years after that, I read about this online antique social network site called iantiqueonline.com.   Wow - have I ever enjoyed, using this social network to share my products, my decorating ideas and more.  It has been very helpful and I just love it.

Joining Antique Crosswords 

Later on, I moved my antiques into a larger antique mall called Antique Crossroads, located in Hagerstown, MD.  Here is where I have conducted my B&M business since 2007, selling 19th century & early 20th century antiques.   I love being able to display my pieces and showcase them on iantiqueonline.com.  I have assembled quite a few personal collections of antiques that I showcase in our home.  Because I’m a decorating enthusiast, I have created a number of  YouTube decorating videos using antiques and I also provide my customers with a YouTube virtual tour of my shop space that I try to keep updated.  

Opening A Store On eCrater

In 2010, I also opened an ONLINE store on eCrater.com marketplace.  Here is where I sell vintage & antique merchandise and have enjoyed success online as well. My store is located at: deannamoyers.ecrater.com.   I cannot say enough good things about my experience with eCrater.  

Born With The Antique Gene

Looking back, I do believe that when you are a collector of antiques, that it is pretty much a trait born in you.  My knowledge and experience has increased throughout the years and I can say that antiques and their history are indeed my passion.  Thanks for letting me share my story.  

Deanna/Vintage Touch

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