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I'm seeing customers.
This past weekend I was set up at the Tinnicum Antique Show. It seemed like we did far more in sales, and attendance was higher, than last year.
Well, between unloading the van on Monday, attending 2 auctions on Tuesday, and Jury Duty (Zzzzzz) yesterday, this morning was my first chance to sit down with the books.
Wowie zowie... sales nearly 3 times above last year.
Given the fact that the location was the same, the weather was close enough to being the same and the admission ticket cost the same, dare I say it? People are coming out and spending money?
Let me add the fact that my last show ended with, nearly, the same result.
Now I'm prone to the same "doom & gloom" that the media keeps spooning out to us and I'm far, far from believing we are out of the woods. I'll just say that I'm cautiously optomistic. I heard so many (customer type) people this weekend commenting how they were looking forward to the Hunterdon County show... the signs are slightly encouraging.
No, I'm not putting all my eggs in this basket, there are too many variables, but I'm finding it a little easier to smile.

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Comment by VinceJ on June 11, 2009 at 12:08pm
Good Morning, Les.

I like to see smiles... On customer's faces, and on other dealers. It makes my day.

We had a large retail store last year, over 7,000 sq ft, in a nondescript strip mall, at the back side, no road exposure. Our lease was up, and a year before it finished we went ahead with a plan to purchase a building for our business and home. YES PURCHASE , in these crazy times. Well, actualy it was a year before this economic downturn.

It took a year to renovate and prepare, but we were ready for the move as of last SEPTember. best date possible.
Move in, and whaddaya know..... the economy takes a tumble the weeks later.

I too am now smiling. We got caught between move of location, downturn on economy, change of phone number, and rebuilding a business in smaller building (about half the size right now, will enlarge soon).

To my surprise, Wanda, my partner tells me the other day, sales are about back to where they were in the old location. I have my nose in the workshop, she does the store. I've stopped looking at our accounts months ago, so had no idea where we stood today.

What a pleasant surprise,, her smile and yours same day.

Now I'm smiling too.

Yes, I see an upturn, getting back to last year's sales is already a very good point for us (considering half the stock).

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