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Some days I can be such a b*ch.  I don't mean to be but being around some people just brings it out of me.

For instance, I've been an online auction seller since 1998 and got serious about it around 2011, going to work for a consignment shop.  I have sold literally hundreds if not thousands of items online.  Yet, working for a different shop, someone there gets under my skin. It's not the owner, who has faith in my knowledge, but a friend of his that is there almost all the time. This is someone who brings in items that may sell nicely online but this person doesn't trust me to know what I am doing.

For instance, this individual told me (standing over my shoulder as I worked on an item) that a friend who sold on Ebay always researched the item first to see what it has sold for before.  When I told this person that I had done that for years, this individual just went "hmph." 

Then this person tries to tell me that the friend also sets beginning bids at a price just below what others are getting.  HelloooOOO! Yes, I do that too...IF I feel that price is a fair one. If some num-nuts set their price at .99 and that's what they got, I'm NOT setting my price at .98.  I also often will set my price (depending on condition of the item) toward the middle of the historic selling prices to see if it gets interest. After all, relisting one time is free and if I get no nibbles, then I can reduce the starting bid and try again.  

Okay, well then that person brings in a nice looking etched crystal comport.  We think we know who made it but I like to verify so I told that individual that I could research it at home. I take photos of it and at home I consult my fairly complete reference collection on that particular maker.  No luck but I'm not giving up.  Going back in today to pick up an item that sold to prepare it for shipping, there that person is with a reference book all set to find the pattern.  Too late--I have the same book, checked it last night and also several others.  

Let me do my job, PERSON!

Don't get me wrong, I like the individual involved but I HATE being "managed" by someone who has no clue about how to do what I do.  I also wish this person wasn't there ALL THE TIME because she/he keeps bring me items to ask me to research as I am busy putting other items online for bidding.

This has been a hot button with me for decades.  I used to work with a lady who would as a new employee, would ask me questions about procedures at the reception desk of the busy clinic where we worked.  Right after I answered her question, she would turn around and ask the same question of one of the doctors.  The man had no clue about desk procedures and replied "I don't know".  Just looking at her face, I could tell that my answer simply wasn't satisfactory.  I think maybe she felt I was too young (23!) to know what I was talking about.

Ever since then, I have been a little sensitive to this kind of distrust.  Even tonight, poor hubby got his head bit off.  I was reheating some food we had brought home from a restaurant. He yells at me from another room not to heat it in the styrofoam container. He did that as I was rinsing off some plates to use.  HOT BUTTON!  Head bite!

Okay, I feel better now. Hubby still has his head. He brought me ice cream. :)

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