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My Salute To The Country Auctioneers

My Grandfather was an auctioneer. I never heard him call because he was gone from this Earth by the time I was 9 years old. I remember him well though, even his voice. He enjoyed talking, so, do I...so, I am sure he was a good auctioneer. In the old days, an auctioneer took care of business much different than today. If an there was an auction taking place, then, someone passed away, or, someone lost the farm. Naturally, I am talking about the country auctioneers, because I am from the country, not a city gal. When I was a young girl, my Father, brother and I would go to the horse auctions every Wednesday. I can still hear the auctioneer's calling, his name was Eyler, and the Eyler family were almost like the Cartwright family of the T.V. show Bonanza fame, only on a much smaller scale. ( and I will confess one of the sons of the auctioneer was as cute as Little Joe, no kidding ) When I got into the antique business, going to auctions was as natural to me as a fish swims in the water. As the years went by, I would enjoy many auctioneers in this area come and go. A few became very successful and they are truly the ones that deserve that success. The old time country auctioneer is like an orchestra conductor. He is the one that arranges the auction with the family or collector. He has workers in his care that pack the stuff, load the trucks then unload the trucks. The auctioneer usually has a main fellow who decides where everything goes in the auction house. If it is an auction at the estate, instead of the auction house, then that worker really has his hands full. People coming and going , looking at this and that. And the auctioneer, if he is worth his salt, is talking to everyone making them feel at ease....actually, selling himself before selling the merchandise, letting people know he is there for them should there be any problems. And then the time comes for the auction to begin. When the auctioneer stands up, greets the crowd, explains the rules and laws of the state.... before you know it, that auctioneer is calling the bids. It's like a song to me. Some auctioneers call better than others, but, in all, they are wonderful people that love to sell to an audience...to have a crowd of people hanging on every call...to see the secret bid signals the professional bidders have...I think " super star " does not even come close to my opinion of the auctioneer. There's more than a few in this area that will be remembered always in the minds of those that attended their auctions...and there's even a few that have passed, and yet, are remembered many years later for the fine auctioneer they were. So, this blog is to all of the auctioneers out there...I mean the auctioneers that call. Not just the country auctioneers ( however, naturally they rank the highest in my book ) but the auctioneers that love the business. The call of the auctioneer will always rein. No matter what the economy, or how many of us shop the net, there will always be the real auctioneer. Long live the auctioneer, I salute all of you everywhere. Best wishes and much success, Linda of RC Antiques on Ruby Lane

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