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As I am LOUSY at blogging.

But here goes.

I never used to be this way.  Now I am a dedicated garage and estate sale snooper, a regular at St. Vincent de Paul's and the local thrift stores and am always on the lookout for a bargain.

My main weakness right now is depression glass.  I grew up with the stuff just being regular every day decor and now that all that style has passed, I suddenly really began to like it.

This leads to problems.  One problem is my inability to resist it even if it's a color that is not in demand, i. e. amber or marigold.  I have tons of this type because I came across a garage sale where the seller wanted just to get rid of it--and it was all the same color.  Fenton, Viking, Jeannette, Indiana Glass, Pilgrim, Mosser, L. E. Smith...it didn't matter. I know it's a common color--after all, when it first came out, it became the most popular color and so the glass makers churned it out like crazy.  Now it's all gathering dust in my hobby room...which used to be a second bedroom.

Anyway, it was all just glass to him.  I picked up ALL of it at seventy five cents apiece--spending a grand total of $13.00.  To take home a bunch of glass that was basically all the same color.  This is a sickness.

To my credit, I now try to pass up amber/marigold, at least until I can release the abundance I already have in online auctions.   I do have a sale page at http://www.sawyercreekvintage.com if  you want to see some of my finds.  Give me credit--I do try to sell the ones I don't like quite as well so I can have space for my favorites.

I will try to do better.  Last weekend, I only brought home a Universal Statuary dancer, an Indiana Glass pink diamond point vase, another Jeannette compote (making two) and a broken piece of pearl Fenton (it was only a quarter).  I passed up an unknown maker swung glass vase that was so pretty but I found a chip--not for $8.00, thanks, put it back.  And I found not one, not two, but THREE new outlets to shop.

Of course, that's not all I bring home.  I recently bought a handmade wooden box with a nice lid that was full of vintage sewing patterns in their packages.  I can't sew worth a damn...I wanted the box.  I also have come home with the Esso Tiger beverage set, the head of the Virgin Mary and an insulated drinking glass that sits next to my computer as I type this.  Then there's the Rose & Tulipani centerpiece bowl that I found at St. Vinnie's for TWO DOLLARS! I know this is worth more than that but since it's made in Italy and only distributed in Europe, no one here in the good old USA gives a flying poop about it.  I know out there somewhere is someone who will pay for this great bowl--hopefully in my lifetime and not in my heirs' lifetime.

Additionally, I sometimes help out a friend who does estate sales, assisting with setup.  It helps to see the conditions that a household in disarray starts in to kind of turn me off from picking it. But sometimes I just can't resist since I get "paid" with items from the sale.  I've come home with a vintage counter desk bell (it was pretty and I like to ring it), some needlework stretcher bars, a potato sack with a blue jay on it (again, pretty...and stinky), some original tiny oil paintings on board that someone trimmed to ovals and put into cheap frames...it goes on. 

It is a sickness...but at least I'm not hoarding old newspapers and mail.  That's my hubby's job.

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