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My Antiques Roadshow Adventure in Phoenix

Thanks to my friend Nina I got to attend the Antiques Roadsow Saturday in Phoenix AZ. We arrived about 1230pm for our 1pm ticket. We were greeted by friendly staff who told us how we were going to proceed. Everyone was all smiles and helpful. It took about 1 hour from the time we got in line until getting into the Appraisal Area. The time flew by chatting with everyone and seeing their treasures.

Nina brought a long a small doll chest and a neelepoint rug.
I brought some items that were from My Moms collection, a small bronze hand mirrow with an ivory handle with a miniature ivory portrait, and a miniature clock. It was a way of sharing the experience Mom who loved the Roadshow.
I know I can research my own items, as a matter of fact a few weeks ago I tried finding the artist of the mirror portrait I came up too many artists with the same name .. I thought let's see what an expert from the Roadshow will say.. I didnt open the clock, so I really didnt know anything about it , wanted to see what the appraiser would say.. might be fun..

Inside the appraisal area we went first to the furniture section and there was, Leigh or maybe Leslie Keno appraising a chair. Nina had her little dresser appraised at $400-500 circa 1880 era.. the appraiser was nice and genuinely interested and talked with us. I chatted with one of the Keno brothers, he was signing a book for a man, while others waited to talk to him. He and his brother took pictures with us.. they are very charming and kind and really enjoy the Roadshow and what they do.
The appraiser for my little mirror was very nice, but couldnt tell me anything more than I alread knew.. then on to the clock and watch area..
I was a bit dissapointed in the clock appraisal. Sean Delaney was the appraiser and he seemed bored, like he really didnt want to be here or maybe he was tired of looking at average items ..
He looked at my little clock, and said what a nice little clock, pause.. but there are a lot of these made, another pause then he begins to turn and walk away, and say probably worth $100 in today market not much interest in them.
What that's it..??? I stood in line for an hour for that appraisal.. he didnt open the clock, or look at the dial.. nothing. I then asked him the age, is the dial ivory and was the clock French or German??? He replied, 1910-20 era, most likely not ivory, and not French probably American.. Well that was anitclimatic ..I certainly hope he was more helpful the next person.

Overall take on the Roadshow experience:
Looking back at the my day at the Roadshow. It is a television show, and the reason for giving out those 5000 tickets was in hope of having someone pull out that buried treasure to help the production and ratings of the Roadshow. The concept of this event was to get an adequate lot of items for them to appraise and hoping for 80 good examples for the episode.

So if you know something about your item, but like me want that little bit extra info do the research yourself, and just enjoy the day meeting people of like mind..

We had a fun day, and enjoyed our experience, meeting the Keno Brothers was fun.. overall it was just as I expected.

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Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on August 12, 2009 at 2:04am
I've spoken to others with similar stories. Long wait, short interview, lax information. I think that part of it is the final realization that your antique isn't as valuable as you thought, in fact commonplace, if you will. And, No, it's not rare or valuable. This has to deflate one's ego. Like you say, it's a tv show...do they have "applause" signs too?

Did you ever notice in the program that they usually showcase a local museum? I believe the rare antiques are located long before the show arrives, and they are brought in ahead of time. Some of the show-cased items weigh 250-350 lbs. You don't normally pack something like that in a brown paper sack.

It's a tv show, but quite informative.

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