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Years ago while out antiquing for treasures, I
happened up a huge cup.
It was an antique transferware mush cup. The image was
an man's face smiling insanely, with the words around the rim of the cup, " I
like it, I like a lot "
I can remember thinking to myself, yep, that's me, I
like it, in fact I do like a lot.
As an daily Internet surfer, I still like a
Only in this technological age, I can let the world
know when I like something, with just a click of the
And, that button is always there, like a beacon, as
though to say, " come on, you know you like me "..and click, there's my answer ,
" yes I do ! "
The other day I decided to manually post a video link
on my Face Book page, instead of the usual click add to face book
I stared at my face book page a long time, and it
became apparent to me, that it had a new appearance, due to my , " I like "
addiction to the like button without thought as to what or who will see

I was amazed that I saw so many things in one

Then, at the same time, I realized my Face Book page
became a networking page , the same as my Twitter page.

Well, at first I was so shocked to see I had been out
of touch while surfing and liking all the things wonderful things I

And then, I thought to myself, that's

Plain and simple.

I search the net as though looking for the knowledge
of how things are and were and will be to come, and when I see something worth
noting, I like it.

It's a huge world sitting there in front of me on my
desk. All of it contained in a thing that looks like a TV

I suppose I am at a cross roads

I think to myself, my my, what should I do

I have made so many friends on the net that are on my
Face Book page and ning sites, social sites and so forth that perhaps I have
become like a commercial.

And then,  I think to myself, I will stop this right
now, no more clicking that like button,

but, no, it's too late.

Because, I honestly do like a lot and loving every
minute of it.

The Internet world is a huge Universe, full of
knowledge, beautiful things and adventures too.

Full of friendships of people whose hands you will
never touch and yet fills your heart with that emotion called friendship And so,
no wonder I like it, in fact, I more than like it, let's add an " I love it "
button :-)

Cause, I love it, I love it alot

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Comment by RC Antiques on June 5, 2011 at 9:40am

Good morning to Tom and Dempsey.

Glad you agree.

Looks like we really do like alot,. which means, we know how to live life good...don't miss a thing and " like " it all LOL

I did not know the " like " button had options, wow, that is really cool.

I do know I signed up for something yesterday that is # 1 thingie, that I now click when I like something...it will link my rcantiques name to stuff, so, that's got to be a good thing LOL, we will wait and see.


Best wishes, Linda

Comment by Dempsey's CollectAbles on June 5, 2011 at 9:15am

Great way of putting it!! I don't think it could be told in any other way!  For the "love it" button, I think if you fool around some with the HTML script, you just might be able to change like it to love it. There is some options given when working with the like button.

Keep up the Great Networking, cause that's what it's ALL ABOUT!
Thanks for Sharing!

Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on June 2, 2011 at 1:10pm
I like.

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