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Latique.com Launches a Social Sales Site and Magazine for Antiques

March 25, 2010 (Dallas) Latique.com, based in Dallas, announces the recent launch of the first social media marketplace for buyers of traditional antiques and fine period art.

Latique.com uses social media techniques similar to those found on Facebook and Linkedin to recreate the in-store shopping experience. Both new buyers and seasoned collectors can
engage in online dialogs with sellers and knowledgeable experts before making
the decision to purchase.

"We believe that relationship between the retailer and client can extend beyond the store," said Julie Garrett VanDolen, co-founder of Latique.com. "We want information about antiques
and decorative arts to be accessible to everyone at any time."

In this viral bazaar, curious newcomers who want to learn about styles of the past that work in contemporary homes can do so easily and quickly, without intimidation or fear of pressure to buy.
Seasoned collectors, decorators and designers will find quick answers and
solutions to their needs.

With a home page that changes as antiques and decorative items are added, Latique.com breaks new ground.

"I like the fresh, timely approach to making Latique a social shopping site," said Carol Sims, a visitor to the site. "It will be nice to see this fun, sociable interaction grow into
something really meaningful and fun."

In addition, Latique.com includes a magazine with insights from popular designers, tips on how to shop for antiques and hot items that are undervalued. The launch issue featured Joseph Minton, a
top Texas designer who is no stranger to the pages of “Architectural Digest,”
and “Answers to Not-Dumb Questions for Newbie Antiques

Dealers are equally excited about being a part of the new community. As retailers have seen a decline of walk-ins during the suffering economy, they are in dire need of new grounds to market
their goods.

"This is the future of the arts and antiques community," said James Eddy, dealer at Latique.com. "Buyers let their fingers do the walking in the era of internet. We need
to expand our view of our customer base to increase revenue."

About Latique.com:

Latique.com, based in Dallas, is a social networking site founded to join arts and antique buyers and sellers together to buy and sell items and engage in live dialogue. Julie Garrett
VanDolen and Justin Garrett are third generation antiquaries, daughter and son
of the senior team member Jeff Garrett, owner of Legacy Antiques and Decorative

To become a dealer at Latique.com, contact Julie VanDolen at julie@latique.com or call (800) 891-9409.

Media Contact: Julie VanDolen, (800) 891-9409 julie@latique.com

Regina Kolbe, (212) 665-6773 regina@prthetrade.com

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