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I am so bad when it comes to auctions. They are so fun, but sometimes I tend to get a little competitive. It is all well though, it goes to benefit PBS television.
Anyhoo, here are the items I won. I will not post the prices, in case my husband comes across this. ;)

#234 Amber Glass Lamp

Value: $80 Period of Piece: 1940s

Description: This large lamp features an amber glass body with a copper base. The top of the lamp has a decorative silver neck. The lamp, including the pleated shade, stands 35" high and is 11" wide. A nice lamp for the family room or camp!

#107 Silver Plated Serving Pieces

Value: $170 Period of Piece: 1930 - 1950

Description: Dress up your favorite table with these 11 silver plated pieces. You'll enjoy trays, bowls, platters, a teapot, gravy boat, and more from Oneida, Reedy Barton, William Rogers and Gorham.

#113 1918 Victrola Machine

Value: $100 Period of Piece: 1918

Description: Dress up your family room with this antique Victrola Victor Talking Machine made in 1918. It does not work - it may be just perfect for parts or just for show! There is a plate inside that reads Charles M. Tait, "Everything Musical." Gouverneur, New York.

#128 Hall Wardrobe

Value: $650 Period of Piece: 1850s

Description: This stunning hall wardrobe is from Middlesex, England. It is made of oak and features bun feet, its original finish and hardware. The doors are paneled and the trim is hand-carved, Chamford style. Perfect for linens and towels, or perhaps you could make it into a television stand in the bedroom. It's 16" deep, 74" high, and 34" high. The inside features three shelves and a mirror on the door.

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Comment by Crystal on January 30, 2009 at 9:28am
Checked the silver. All silverplate. All good condition, just needs to be cleaned. The wardrobe though hasn't not been properly taken care of. Some of the molding is missing, but I can always get that copied and replaced. The shelves inside though are new. That wouldn't be such a big issue besides the fact that someone screwed them in and the screws are sticking out of the back of the piece. Going to pull those out and try to repair the holes and replace the shelves without seriously damaging the integrity of the piece.
Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on January 29, 2009 at 5:09pm
In your silver, are you sure the Gorham piece(s) is silver plate? Gorham makes silverplate, but also Sterling. If the gravy boat and teapot are Gorham I'd double-check. Here is a link to Gorham's hallmarks, dates, etc.http://www.925-1000.com/Gorham_Date_Code.html

Might add that Gorham sterling (not plate) is the most collected silver in America.

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