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It is really fun to collect antique products. It is a hobby for many people . Moreover this wonderful hobby can help you earn big bucks too. It is indeed a pleasant experience to collect old coins. It is more than fun . It makes you happy and rich as well. It is easy to sell antique old coins at very good rates. Nevertheless it is not easy to collect rare old coins. However you need to work hard to collect rare old coins. You should have very good contacts with people who deal in antiques especially the old coins.

There are different types of old coins available in antique market. Normally the old coins are made out of gold, silver and bronze. You can even buy old coins that were minted many centuries ago. There are many gold coins with the images of the ancient kings of India. They are very popular. These coins can earn you big bucks if a buyer is particularly interested in your products.

It is not difficult to sell rare old coins nowadays. You can even sell old coins through internet. You can display the pictures and details of your old coins on your website. You can display the rates as well. People can buy old coins online. You need to issue proper ownership certificates in order to ascertain the legal aspects of the deal.

In a nutshell collecting rare old coins is a great fun. It is a wonderful hobby that can earn you a decent income.It is easy to sell rare old coins. You can sell online as well. You will get both satisfaction and money if you collect rare old coins and sell them.

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Comment by The ECoin Forum on January 24, 2009 at 12:56am
Dear Fellow Coin Collector,

So you are interested in Coin Collecting? Well I tell you coin collecting is the hobby of kings and king of hobbies. First with coin collecting you have to ask what kind of coins do you like? There are ancient coins, world coins, modern US coins, antique US coins, proof coins, commemorative coins, bullion coins and more. Its important to note Numismatics also includes old banknotes, bonds and other forms of money too.

Well are you into coins for history, making money, or a hobby to pass the time? Coins should be collected for the passion of it and not for profit making. However, I consider myself a hybrid Collector & Investor. I personally collect all kinds of coins from ancient to modern, to silver and gold. However, I specialize in older US Coins because of their historical value.

Coins are precious little works of art and it is amazing to hold currency in your hand that is over 1000 years old or a coin from the time of the American Revolution. Hold a German Hyper Inflation Banknote, a Morgan Silver Dollar from the Comstock Lode, or a Gold Franc from the Napoleon Era; and you will hold history. These are tangible artifacts of history that literally passed through the ages and hands of commerce and society.

A popular method of collecting is that of assembling complete sets of one or more series of coins such as all the years of issue for the Lincoln Wheat Cents, Liberty Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Gold Eagle Dollars, etc. You can have a Complete "Elisaberg" Style 'Type' Collection. Or you can collect around a theme or particular place and period in time. Yet another approach is the "shotgun" method of collection whereby a person only buys coins which individually interest them. When it comes to coin collecting there are no fixed rules. You decide what to collect and how much to spend.

Nonetheless, to be a successful coin collector requires that one study the subject, to avoid overpaying and to find quality acquisitions. Know the market dynamics, know the trends, and spot gimmicks from lasting value. And find trustworthy dealers, fellow collectors, browse the Coin Bourses and the Cyberspace Marketplaces and Forums.

Your first steps should be: to buy books on Numismatics, discuss your ideas with other collectors, create a Coin Wish List and buy within a set monthly budget. This sound advice should prevent some mistakes but learning is not without flaws and due diligence is always necessary.

Any questions about Numismatics, please do not hesitate to let me know. I encourage you to post any and all questions or comments on the eCoin Forum. Also, create a profile here and enter the coin community.

In the end the effort of creating a personal collection whether they are auction rarities or affordable heirlooms, will bring joy and an utmost sense of pride. Share these sentiments with us on the eCoin Forum.

My dad, a Numismatist himself, always said a Coin Collector truly knows value of money. And so I bid you Good Luck on assembling your Hoard and a heartfelt welcome to the Hobby!

Take Care and Happy Collecting!

Dom, the Coin Advisor
The Founder of the eCoin Forum

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