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How to Choose A Estate Sale Company

Why all estate companies are not created the same!

First of all I don't want you to get the wrong idea, most companies are very reputable and I always recommend other companies if prospective clients don't retain my services. Then there are companies that are down right dishonest, boastful and outright liars.

One company likes to boast that they have 200 plus sales a year and have an email database of over 15,000 names. I know for a fact they do not have that volume in New York area. Don't believe everything you read. I would ask them to prove it with and provide all contact information and the dates of the sales. I have a modest email base of 1,500 subscribers and 30% of them bounce back as undelivered. Can you imagine the bounce rate of 15,000 addresses? It would be staggering.

Despite having a modest list of 1,500 email addresses I am still able to get 300 to 400 buyers to visit my sales each and every time. The keyword here would be "marketing" I myself don't like to boast but I do have extensive experience in all forms of media marketing, old and new. For 14 years I sold and leased commercial real estate in the New York City area.  My yearly sales were in the millions, in some in the worst areas of  New York.  For me the best part of my association in the commercial real estate industry was being  known as a straight shooter, honest and fair!

I don't have biggest or oldest estate sale company on the block however Lucky Rabbit Estate Sales  is quickly becoming the one most recognized estate sale companies in New York City. This is due to my fair and ethical business practices. Some companies make want you to sign a long and confusing contract that would make your attorneys head spin. They even try to add a provision that allows them to retain all the items that are left over from a sale! What is that! They also mention that they would like you not to be present the day of the sale Again what the heck is that! I would never ask you to leave your home unless you're so attached the items that you will hinder your own sale.

What really makes us different from other companies is our "no out of pocket expenses"
We don't charge you for anything. No setup fees, No employee fees, No advertising fees!
We don't leave anything to chance, we research everything you own! I setup every home and spend an average of 96 hours researching, cleaning and setting up your sale. We provide everything needed for a successful sale, tables, jewelry cases, security, adequate  local signage to direct people to your home. We also provide full accounting at the end of every sale. Some companies don't even record what they are selling or how much they are putting in the the till.

 One company allows everyone into the sale at the same time making your home an accident waiting to happen. can you imagine having 50 to 100 people in your home running around at the same time. This is a very bad practice and resembles the running with the bulls. People get hurt and fights happen this way, not to mention that you have a much higher rate of shop lifting,  I don't care of what kind of "no charge" security  you provide, you cant control a crowed that large.

The bottom line is you have a choice to make and you shouldn't leave it to chance. Do your research, goggle the company as well as the names of the principals of the company. Ask for real references then can be verified. Visit one there sales and see how professional they really are. You can always call me for a free consultation and if your not happy with what I say I will point you to another reputable company.


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