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Perhaps crossing a land bridge during the glacial period or perhaps by boats across the strait or from island to island, it is believed that the first peoples who came to the Americas were from Asia around 10,000 to 20,000 years before Columbus sailed to the Western Hemisphere. These first people, whom we now call American Indians, wandered the land hunting and fishing and, after many generations in America, developed new ways of living. Although pleasure smoking began with the American Indians, it is believed that pipes had already been used in Europe for smoking medicinal herbs. The Indians believed the pipe would give the keeper great powers as long as he lived an honorable life.  If not, the powers would leave.  It was also believed that as the smoke tendrils rose upwards, the prayers are delivered to the Creator.


A popular pipe in America was a bowl of clay or the clay-like mineral, meerschaum. Although pleasure smoking began with the American Indians, it is believed that pipes had already been used in Europe for smoking medicinal herbs.   Sir Ralph Lane, the commander of a group of colonists in Virginia, introduced the tobacco pipe to Europe in 1586 whereby pipe smoking became popular throughout Europe.  Abraham Lincoln called the nation “A house divided half slave and half free.”  The Civil War took more American lives than any other war in history and left a heritage of grief and bitterness that remains in part even today. The four years of bloodshed pitted brother against brother and destroyed slavery in the United States.  Historians have written more about this tragic conflict than any other period in American history.  People have read more books about the war and flock to visit the main battlefields.  The human side: the men who wore Confederate grey vs. the men who wore Union blue, each defending what they thought was right.


Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art, Inc., in New York City, is currently offering all antiquities with 20% discounts. For American pipe information, or to see various North American antiques offered for sale at the gallery, visit:



Sadigh Gallery is located at 303 Fifth Avenue (Room 1603) in lower Manhattan, and is open to the public and all sorts of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic artifacts passing through are usually on display.  Aside from items that are ancient, the gallery also stocks various antique Middle Eastern jewelry that goes as far back as 1700's AD, North American colonial items such as shipwreck coins, pipes, and bible leaves.  

Free catalog is available by calling Toll Free (800)426-2007.


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