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Glass Insulators a "hot" item again?

Well, just before Thanksgiving, Ginny (my wife) read this to me from one of the [seemingly hundreds of] "country" magazines she gets each month.
Insulators? They were pretty popular in the 70's... but so was digging up old outhouse pits in search of antique bottles. In the past 5 years, or so, I've seen hundreds of insulators go "no sale" at auctions and thrown into dumpsters without hesitation. This was a shame, I thought... I always liked insulators, I had a few that came from the abandonded telegraph poles that ran along the railroad tracks across the road from my house when I was a kid. I never really knew what to do with them. I sat them on the windowsill in my bedroom and... there they sat.
During the insulator collecting 'boom' of the 70's I pretty much ignored them. I still had my little collection of 4 and was happy with that. I do remember wondering, however, "what do people do with them?".
Now, let me back up about a month... just a few days prior to Halloween. Ginny had gone to pick up some Chinese food at the strip mall in Hellertown and, what's a strip mall these days without a "dollar" store? So her routine is to order the food and wander around in the dollar store while waiting.
When she came home with the food, she was very proud of these little battery operated 'tea lights' that she bought, 2 in a pack for $1.00... and she bought 3 packs. "I need two for some Halloween decorations I'm making, I'll find a use for the others eventually".
Fast forward to the insulator article... suddenly it hit me!
The next auction I attended (the next day, I think it was) sure enough... there was a basket of glass insulators. I got a half-bushel basket full for $3.
For the rest of the story, see Ginny's blog.


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