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The reasons why antiques stay alive.


Based on my personal knowledge, experience and opinion.

Antiquities are, items that have survive, the test of time. They were made by someone or something who gave them life. A life to inspire, entertain, decorate, to be used, to be read, to record and define something or someone in life. Not all were made with a value in mind, but history gave it a place and a time. All the persons who bought them, sold them, care for them, collected them, gave them away, received them or found them, with the intent not to destroy them, gave them new life, which pushed them forward in time. It's always someone or something that helps it survive. The reason why something survives can also change from time to time based on the person or persons that kept it alive. Therefore the reasons that help it survive can also describe the history of its life. If you find an item that has survived, you should try to discover the reasons why. It's important if it plans to survive. To define its life, one has to go back to the beginning of its time and answer the question of who was the maker, its age and purpose in life. Sometimes the answers you're seeking to find may be found in how it was made, it's art or design, but don't forget the most important question of why? Why would anyone help it survive? The information you find can help you get closer to the history of its life or closer to a value that is hard to define. A value that changes from time to time based on the needs, the wants, the place, the market and the time. I Antique Online, has members who are willing to try to help you find the reasons why in hopes of helping you keep your item alive. The value is always hard to define sometimes is low and sometimes is high. Wouldn't you like to know the reasons why? May be? If you like, I could write about it another time!

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Comment by House of Charm Antiques Southinc on January 26, 2017 at 4:23pm

I always say the only thing missing in a antique setting(or in an ancient building/town) are the people-much like an antique frock or military uniform. New items are dead until used where they take on character of their own.

There was designer in the Hamptons years ago when we had one of our shops there who had a 3 year waiting list. His specialty was making a new or new-to-you home look like it you inherited it from 3 generations past.

Comment by AC Silver Antiques on November 15, 2016 at 11:48am

A great little piece about the beauty of antiques, written so passionately! 

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