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I was born and raised in rural Indiana and small town values are something I hold near and dear to my heart. So when the opportunity came along to write an article for the online magazine Small Town Living, I jumped at the chance. Find more information on my blog...


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Comment by LuAnn Smith on October 17, 2008 at 8:14am
I'm not sure if those box stains will come out but it's worth a try. I'm guessing collectors want them in clean and ready to use shape. It wont hurt them, unless the fibers have been damaged in some way. I would use spray and wash, along with Tide with bleach. A lot of people swear by Oxi clean so you might want to give that a shot. I'm not a doilie person either so maybe people just really aren't in to doilies... lol Good luck!

Comment by tomsantiquesetcetera on October 16, 2008 at 11:09pm
OK Ladies, I bought a box full of Linen Calendars, dating from 1950s thru 1986, with 3 different bi-centennials for a whole quarter! A few of them have wet cardboard box stains on them...should I launder them or not? Will those light brown stains come out? Once laundered should I iron them too? I think I have about 35 of them, no duplicates.
I don't understand doilies. Ladies (some men too) crochet them and make beautiful pieces. Then they're sold for as little as 5 cents apiece. I've bought a few but have had no success selling them. What's your take on this?
Comment by C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk on October 13, 2008 at 5:20pm
Your Blog is amazing and I adore Small Town Living..thanks so much for sharing that with us, Dianne
Comment by LuAnn Smith on October 13, 2008 at 2:46pm
Here's the link to those hair pins...
Comment by LuAnn Smith on October 13, 2008 at 2:45pm
Thanks for stopping by my blog Ellene. This is what I would do with your vintage aprons Ellene. I would wash them on a cold setting, mild detergent, on gentle cycle and see what happens. Some of them might not make it and can be used to create handmade goods with. I did that with these hair pins... The possibilities are endless in terms of what you can make with the salvaged fabric... The only limits are the amount of fabric you are able to rescue...


Vintage aprons, especially the handmade ones, are very collectible. Keep what you must have and sell the rest to a good home... By the way, the reason I machine wash my vintage textiles is because I sell my handmade items and found vintage. I don't want my customer to wash an item and have it fall apart. Better it fall apart on me than a customer. But, if you have a prized possession, such as a mother's handmade apron, you may want to wash it by hand to ensure its safety. I hope this helps. Happy collecting and creating!


P.S. Another response to the washing dilemma. I have a vintage apron in my collection right now with the commercial tags still on it. I will not remove those tags and wash it. I will eventually sell it as is because this is how some collectors would want it.......
Comment by Ellene Meece on October 13, 2008 at 2:14pm
I LOVE your blog!
So, in my last discussion starter on this site (Hidden Treasures in Junk), I talked about my barn sale in Oklahoma selling my family's collected "junk." What I didn't mention specifically was a pile of vintage aprons I rescued. They appear to be mostly homemade but so cute and nostalgic! Are these considered collectibles as is? Or are they sellable as vintage fabric to be repurposed into a new apron? Not sure whether to risk washing them also? Perhaps hand wash them? Thanks for any advice!

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