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It seems like a great place to shop for antique tea pots is online. I know a lot of the fun of antiquing is digging through old shops, finding dust covered treasures. But it has been my experience that I will find information about a piece and the easiest way to locate it is to search for it online. Often, I am torn between finding the tea pot at a rummage sale and experiencing the romanticism of loving antiques and just entering the name of the piece into a search engine and having it just pop up. Sites like Ebay offer a chance to browse the antiques of other folks, and often find a great bargain. Some people are just ready to part with items like old tea pots and what not, and they give them away for a steal. Sometimes you can even learn more about the item and its worth just by searching for it online.

One of the biggest frustrations, or rewarding challenges, depending on how you look at it, is having a collection of items that is short by just one last piece. And after a long and arduous hunt, it is nice to be able to sign online, search for the item, and choose the best value to complete the collection. I'm pretty sure I would never use online shopping to fulfill my hankering to go antiquing, but it is nice to know it's a viable option for suring up that collection. I think the thing I like best about tea pots is the combination of beauty and utilitarianism. I have always been fond of art that has a bigger purpose, that can convey a message, or a period of time, and come in handy around the house! I collect plenty of things, and love searching for all sorts of antiques, but over the years, I think tea pots have grown to be my favorite.

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