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Vintage Jonny Quest Items

We have come upon some classic Jonny Quest items. A coloring book Judy Jetson meets Jonny Quest and a set of 3 collectibles of Classic Jonny Quest comic books from the 1980's.

Jonny Quest was a sci-fi prime time cartoon from Hanna Barbera back in 1964. Jonny and team headed by father Dr. Benton Quest faced alien creatures and mythic monsters. Actor Tim Matheson was the voice.

Check them out at …


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Indypicker Blog on How to Identify Bakelite Items

We have put together a short instructional and video showing how to test an item to see if it is highly collectible Bakelite. We use this test in the field when out picking.

To see the video go to Indypicker.blog.spot.com

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Indypicker.com Blog is Out

The Indypicker.com blog is out covering vinyl LP records this time. Go to www.indy-picker.blogspot.com to read.

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Indypicker.com Blog is out for the week

This weeks blog is out. Read our blog about restoring vintage steel and diecast toys. www.indy-picker.blogspot.com. You can sign up to receive our blog via email.

We have a couple of projects underway on this topic. I 1930's Wyandotte press steel truck and and a Tootsie diecast. We will show the projects upon…


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Indypicker.com Blog is out for the week

We wrote on a little different topic this week, we usually write about antiques, collectibles & such. For those of you who like vintage rock & roll music sound, even if you are not a musician it's an interesting read.  Hint... Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin might be involved. http://indy-picker.blogspot.com/

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Indypicker.com Blog

Indypicker.com is an online seller of vintage, antiques & retro. Our blog can be found at www.indy-picker.blogspot.com.

We have been a collector since the 1960's and a dealer since 2008. Our blog discusses items we find, information on identifying certain items for both dealers and collectors or anything that strikes our fancy. Indypicker.com is an Indiana born husband & wife team. We turned our passion of antiquing on…


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