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Sadigh Gallery holds Online Sale--20% Discounts on All Online Artifacts

Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art, Inc. is a family running art gallery in New York City, dealing in various ancient artifacts of shapes and sizes.  For over 30 years, we have been mainly dealing with customers across the nation and overseas through our printed catalogs as any mail-order companies would do.  Certainly this is not very usual for an art gallery, especially for a gallery which expertise is in the field of ancient artifacts.  Our unique way of doing business has been featured in some…


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Mothers Day Sale and Mothers Day History Information!

Sadigh Gallery is happy to announce about Mother's Day Sale, where all ancient artifacts we present on our online gallery are offered with 20% Discounts. Please visit www.sadighgallery.com for more information regarding the sale. 


Mothers have been celebrated throughout the history, since the ancient times. …


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Sadigh Gallery is holding Online Easter Sale!


We would like to inform you about our online special sales, taking place at www.sadighgallery.com.

To celebrate Easter or Passover, we have an extensive collection of ancient religious artifacts available, and on sale!  Celebrate with gifts from the Holy Land like American or European bibles, crosses, crucifixion nails, icons, idols, menorahs, prayer plaques, jewelry, and statues.…


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Magical Powers Egyptians Believed in Servants for the Afterlife

One of the most interesting and collectable artifacts from ancient Egypt is the ushabti, the magical statue found in tombs. Magic played an important role in the daily life of the ancient Egyptians. Part of their magic was the belief that amulets and statues would protect them from perils, both real and…

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Luristan Became a Center of Skilled Metalworkers

Luristan bronzes have been prized for their unique designs and fine craftsmanship since antiquity.  Geographically, Luristan is the central province in Iran’s western frontier, the area where production of richly decorated bronzes flourished from about 1200 to 800 B.C.

The formidable terrain of the region, sweeping plains, and high…


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History of Atocha Coins

Spain has gone to great lengths to preserve her written history. The Archive of the Indies, in Seville, is one of its most important repositories. Forty thousand bundles of preserved and guarded documents- 50 million pages- reveal the history of Spain’s expansion into the Americas and 400 years of Colonial rule there, as well as the fate of a single…


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History of Pipes

Perhaps crossing a land bridge during the glacial period or perhaps by boats across the strait or from island to island, it is believed that the first peoples who came to the Americas were from Asia around 10,000 to 20,000 years before Columbus sailed to the Western Hemisphere. These first people, whom we now call American Indians, wandered the land hunting and fishing and, after many generations in America, developed new ways of living.…


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A long-Running Family Owned Ancient Art Gallery in New York City

Many types of small antiquities are of increasing interest, whether it is ancient jewelry per se or artifacts that may be incorporated with contemporary wearables. The latter has been practiced since ancient times, when heirlooms such as coins were recycled by mounting them as pendants.

In contrast to those who sell ethnographic material the antiquities market has always been much more limited and difficult to penetrate. Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art is a family business,…


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