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Antiques In Phoenix Valley Of The Sun Antique Dealer Association Annual Appraisal Fair

The Valley of the Sun Antique Dealer Association 15th Annual Appraisal Fair 2018. The event will be hosted by the Antique Plaza Antique Mall in Downtown Mesa AZ.

VSADA membership is open to Antique Dealers and Shop Owners throughout the Greater Phoenix Arizona Area.  Our Members are located across the valley selling Antiques in Phoenix.

For More Information about our Appraisal Fair…


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Antique Shopping In Downtown Mesa AZ

There are now more options available for  Antique Collectors and Decorators along Main Street in Downtown Mesa.  Antiques Shops, we now have 7 great stores in addition to New Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants, Record Shop and Boutiques and…


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Antique Carved Japanese Netsukes

Netsuke originated in 17th century Japan as a means for men who wore robes known as kimono, which lacked pockets, to hold their belongings. Containers called "sagemono"—pouches, woven baskets, or beautifully crafted boxes called "inro"—were attached to the robes' sashes with cords and fasteners known as netsuke.…


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Antique Shopping Downtown Mesa AZ

Antique Shopping Downtown Mesa AZ

In my last blog I was closing down my shop after many years in the Antique Plaza Mesa AZ. Today I would like to announce the Grand Opening of Michelle's Antiques Vintage Marketplace, a new brick and mortar Antiques Shop in Downtown Mesa !  I have curated so many collections over the years, I had to open my own place. I literally have enough collections to fill an entire Antique Mall. So here I sit at 10 N MacDonald just north of…


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New Antique Shop !

So excited to announce Michelle's Antiques Mesa AZ is now open for business in our New Location! Michelle's Antiques located in the heart of downtown Mesa 10 N. Macdonald , just around the corner from Antique Plaza Mall.

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Closing My Brick and Mortar Antique Shop

After 12 years in the same location it seems it is time to move on.. My shop has been located in the Antique Plaza Annex, a 5000 sq foot shop shared by me and two others..

Sadly it is…


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Hunting For Sleepers In Antique Malls

What is a ” Sleeper ” you ask ? A Sleeper is a bargain, an undervalued collectible or antique. Sleepers can be found just about anywhere, Live Auctions, Online Venues, and my favorite hunting ground, Antique Malls !

I go with my gut instinct, I found an awesome piece of…


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How Anteekers Become and Antique Dealer

We start out as collectors and then we become obsessed collectors of more than one thing.  
Then the day arrives when we decide that we need to narrow down our collectibles.  
We want to get our money back..... we want to purge..... we want to collect something else, we are over flowing with great picks that needs new homes. 
When I moved back to the Valley of the Sun in 1998, I came with the largest U Haul…

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The newest trend in decorating seems to be shopping at vintage markets and junk shows. These Vintage Shopping  venues pop up every couple months or quarterly all over the valley and they draw crowds..  I myself prefer shopping at Antique Malls where everyday is a Vintage…


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YOUR ESTATE LIQUIDATOR Is a member of the American Society Of Estate Liquidators.                                                                                                          …


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Follow Me on Facebook

Follow me on Facebook. I will be posting great finds from the shop. Michelle's Antiques located in the Antique Plaza https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michelles-Antiques-at-Antique-Plaza/232865683401016?ref=tn_tnmn

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Selling On Etsy

My new favorite place to sell and purchase items is Etsy.com they make it so easy and fun.

I have been adding items daily, and my sales are pretty good. http://www.etsy.com/shop/michellesantiques33?ref=pr_shop_more stop by and check out my new online shop.


michellesantiques33 is my seller name on ebay and now on Etsy.

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Selling Ebay and Other Internet Sights

I have beenlling on ebay since 1998. I began by listing my Mom's items when she finally had to close her shop due to ill health. Mom just could not walk and lift boxes anymore.. Her pickers kept in touch and and would come to her home and Mom continued to buy .. 


Ebay was way for Mom to stay in the b seusiness. We used to love buying and selling on ebay.. I woud call Mom and let her know how much her items sold for, most times selling for up to ten times the asking price!…


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Antique Christmas Collectibles From Yester Year

Belsnickel is the fur-clad Santa of the Palatinate (Pfalz) in southwestern Germany along the Rhine, the…


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Greater Phoenix AZ Valley of the Sun Antique Dealer Association

Last night the VSADA greater Phoenix Antique Dealer Association meeting was held at the Antique Plaza Annex in downtown Mesa AZ. We had a great turnout, with dealers from across the valley in attendance. We are planning an Appraisal fair in April at the Merchant Square Antique Mall Chandler should be fun. We enjoy seeing the treasures of our friends in the Valley. ttp://www.vsada.com/

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My Antiques Roadshow Adventure in Phoenix

Thanks to my friend Nina I got to attend the Antiques Roadsow Saturday in Phoenix AZ. We arrived about 1230pm for our 1pm ticket. We were greeted by friendly staff who told us how we were going to proceed. Everyone was all smiles and helpful. It took about 1 hour from the time we got in line until getting into the Appraisal Area. The time flew by chatting with everyone and seeing their treasures.

Nina brought a long a small doll chest and a neelepoint rug.

I brought some items… Continue

Added by Michelle's Antiques on August 2, 2009 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Antiques Road Show Ticket

My Antiquing friend Nina won tickets to the Antiques Road Show here in Phoenix. I got myself invited to be her guest for the second ticket, her husband has no interest in going. Yippee.. I do not really have anything to take. Maybe a Painting oh might take my Mom's Ivory hand mirror with the portrait..

Oh I had great find at the Antique Plaza Mesa Arizona.

Saturday evening just before close, I went cruising around the shop, and sitting on a shelf was an Antique Stone Mason…

Added by Michelle's Antiques on July 26, 2009 at 5:10pm — 1 Comment

Michelle's Antiques Mesa Arizona

Just finished rehanging art work on the wall, it is looking good. Seems every time we redecorate around here brings us good luck and we sell like mad.. so keeping my fingers crossed it will continue to work this way.
All art work on sale month of July ANTIQUE PLAZA Antique Mall Downtown Mesa Arizona

Added by Michelle's Antiques on July 13, 2009 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Michelles Antiques on Ebay

Check out my latest listings on ebay seller name michellesantiques33 or follow me on twitter user name anteeker33

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