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Collector's Corner: Shot Glasses By Michele Alice, AuctionBytes

Collector's Corner: Shot Glasses

By Michele Alice


$1,325 for a shot glass? It's possible, especially if it's pre-Prohibition.

Before the passage of the Constitution's 18th Amendment (the "Volstead Act") which banned in the United States "the manufacture, sale,…


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Vintage home decor forever timeless

Although style trends change from year to year , antiques to vintage have survived the test of time. Family heirlooms are still cherished for the treasures they are. The fact that a family has passed an item down from generation to generation has always been a tradition and one that never fails to touch my heart. The collector is still actively collecting even in this slow ecomony , only not as actively as before. But, you can view the auction sites and see that collectors are holding onto… Continue

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Mad Men Finds Are Part of the Top Vintage Finds for Fall at Randolph Street Fashion Expo

Oct 04,2010 - CHICAGO, IL, October 4, 2010--Thanks to the hit TV series Mad Men the '60s are back and fans of the show will be finding the best

the era had to offer at Modern Vintage Chicago Fall Fashion and Jewelry

Explosion by the Randolph Street Market Festival.

"Other popular series like Six Feet Under and the Sopranos didn't have

the power to excite the fashion world like Mad Men does," says Sally

Schwartz, promoter of the popular Chicago market.… Continue

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American Pickers: Saving Antiques One at a Time By Dan Browell

This exclusive excerpt is from the new book Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2011 Price Guide

by Dan Brownell (Krause Publications, 2010). Brownell has edited more

than 50 books covering a wide range of subjects, including advertising,

ceramics, glass, clocks, bottles, records, toys, coins, tools,…

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Cheat Sheet on eBay's Surprise September Announcements By Ina Steiner

eBay made three separate announcements on Tuesday that included a major round of changes

affecting sellers, with many of the new policies taking effect on

October 26. That gives you 30 days to figure out what all the changes

are, how they affect you, and to make sure all of your listings are in


There was a reason eBay had promised… Continue

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Favorite Vintage Jewelry Doesn't Have To Match...

Sometimes the best vintage costume jewelry is not the most expensive, or a set, for that matter. It's the pieces we luv, and that catch our imagination! One of the eras that captures my imagination is the 'Roaring '20's'!

Two of these pieces may be from the 1920's, as they sure look old enough to be from a 'flapper'...the brass / bakelite bangle, and the long green beaded necklace. The green / blue beaded earrings, I am guessing to be from the 1940's, but this 'set' of three that I have put… Continue

Added by Luv2LuvAntiques on September 30, 2010 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

Bits and pieces of my collective life................

gettin' the "junkin" fever

I guess I must have been about ten years old when I first spied a hodge-podge of interesting stuff in the window of a secondhand store in my hometown of Sharpsburg, KY.

This was the first secondhand store I had ever seen and something deep inside my soul told I must go in and look around.

It was that very day that I discovered why my daddy loved to go "junkin" and I realized I had inherited the same passion for treasure…

Added by Kymberly King on March 29, 2009 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Custom Table Pads By Furniture Detective Fred Taylor

Here is an informative article by Fred Taylor.


Custom Table Pads

While modern taste in dining room tables, like modern taste in so many subjects today, varies considerably from household to household, the traditional

format calls for a flat wooden surface supported by some type…


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What are you looking for?

When I meet collectors of antique china as either a new or potential customer, they are eager to tell me what china pattern they collect or want to collect. But within that conversation is a second question -- what pieces are you looking for?

Many flow blue collectors have been collecting for years but are still searching for the elusive piece: the last four punch cups, a lid for a sugar bowl, a creamer, an under tray or under plate for a serving piece. Because the dinner, supper,… Continue

Added by Susanna Pickle on August 12, 2010 at 2:56pm — No Comments

The Benefits of Owning a Jewelers Loupe...

I had put off buying a jewelers loupe for quite sometime, but finally I did go to a gold and gem shop that sold them. I found the loupes to be very inexpensive; mine was only $18.00 + tax.

Since then I have used it constantly at estate sales, collectible malls, and rechecking my own collection of vintage costume jewelry. The print on top of the jewelers loupe is wearing off...I have used it so often! I'm pretty sure it was 10x magnification. The shopkeeper had said that was the strongest I… Continue

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INTRODUCTION TO THE WINDSOR CHAIR By Fred Taylor "The Furniture Detective"


One type of chair that everyone is familiar with is the ever present Windsor chair. But why are there so many of them and what is the basis for America's love affair with that type chair?

The word "Windsor" is usually capitalized in deference to the supposed point of origin of this style chair, the area around the town of Windsor, England, in the early 18th century. However,… Continue

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