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I Antique Online

A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art


Rules And Policy About Membership

This site is a community for people who buy, sell, collect antiques, collectibles and art. Information contained on your My Page and in posts made on this site must be  relevant to the goals of this community.You may only have one membership on this site. Additional memberships will be deleted.

While this is a Social Network it also represents many antique and collectibles businesses and  is also perceived as a professional network. Professional conduct is expected.

What Is The Welcome Center?

Our WELCOME TEAM is made up of members who will help you get comfortable, answer  your questions and keep you informed.


How Do I Add Someone As A Friend On IAO?

To add another member as a friend you

Click on their picture (Photo Icon or Avatar).

When the page opens look in the far left column under the picture and you will see 

a button which says "Add as Friend" .

Click on "Add as Friend"

A Message will pop us asking if you want to include a personal message with your request.

Once the member receives your request they can accept or delete.

Note you can only send and receive private email messages if you are friends with the other person.


FRIEND REQUESTS (for you to be someone's friend) appear under the Inbox in the upper right column. Click on this link and accept or delete.


How To Search For Another Members?

You can search for other members of Iantiqueonline.com very easily by clicking on the "Members" button at the top of the Main page.

Fill in the "search" space with the name you are looking for.You may not know how the person signed onto the site and may need to do some hunitng.

You can search by first name,or last name or state or name of business etc.

How To Send Another Member A Private Message?

Go to the member's page to the left column.

You will see under the member's icon (picture) an envelope that says "Send Message"  Click on this "button".
When the page opens write your subject line and post your personal message.

Then click the send button on the bottom of the page.

Note you have to be "friends" with someone to use the private email system.

How to Receive Personal Messages From Another Member.
Click on the inbox located in the top right corner of any page. (next to envelope)
Your new messages will appear.


How To Invite New Members To Join IAO?

Click the "Invite" button at the top of your page.


How Many Members Belong to IAO?

This number changes constantly.

To see the current number of members click on this link:



What Is Spamming ?

Clueless Members

Think of spam as junk mail and spamming as sending unwanted messages.

Sometimes people join our community and are very new at the way social networks operate and they come aboard with enthusiasm and high energy and start sending messages out to everyone about their antique store or online sale or whatever.  They may not realize that multiple messaging is spamming. Once they learn more about manners on a social network they are not a problem anymore. 


Annoying Members

But there are also individuals who know exactly what they are doing and come onto our site or any site and are simply annoying. Often these folks are selling something unrelated to antiques and collectibles, so they are spotted quickly. They begin to bother a large number of members with their intrusive messages. These folks are suspended asap. 


 Soliciting Members

The worst spam  comes in the form of "adult content" such as an escort service oror person seeking seeking social relationships of a different kind then this site  allows. Or spam may be sent in the form of "Viagra" ads from an automated spamming site.

Our site is carefully monitored and  unwanted messages are removed  proptly and the member si BANNED.


Security Measure

Many security measures  are in place to pre4vent spam, but it is a problem for all online communities. We know that members become very alarmed when they receive unwanted messages. Chances are that by the time you become aware of an   message, our staff has already banned that member.

Report An Issue

We ask that before you report an issue, check first to see if the offending member  still has an active membership. You can click on their profile picture. If they have been already banned, you will get an error page.


If the spammer is still on site, report an issue by sending an email to:

Scott Liscomb or C. Dianne Zweig


When Are Members Banned?

Members are banned for any one of  the following reasons:


adult content

offensive interactions with others

racial, religious, gender, cultural prejudice

disrespectful, nasty, condescending interactions

annoying too many other members

conflict of interest of business

using our site for advertising or promotion in a way which is deemed "overboard"

poaching members off our site to a competing business or website


Can Banned Members Be Re-Instated?

We do have the mechanism to re-instate a member who has been banned. And we have re-instated a few members on a case to case basis. But the majority of members who are banned are not allowed to return to our community.

Welcome To I Antique Online: The Best & Biggest Social Network On Antiques & Collectibles

C. Dianne Zweig


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