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I Antique Online

A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art

Group Guidelines

How Do I Join A Group?

Click on The Group tab or button at the top of  the Main Page.

you will be taken to ALL the groups.

Click on the Group you want to join.

Click "Join"

You may join as many groups as  you like.


In a Group What Is The Difference Between The Discussion Forum and The Comment Wall?

Every group has two sections  that you can add posts two.

On the top of each group page is the  Discussion Forum.  All members are allowed to start a new  discussion or to reply to an ongoing discussion.

On the bottom of each group page is the Comment Wall. All members are allowed to use the comment wall.


How is the Discussion Forum different  than the Comment Wall?

The Comment Wall serves more like a  Bulletin Board for that particular group. You can only see what is on the Comment Wall of a particular group if you visit that group.

The Discussion Forum in a particular group allows longer discussion to take place. It is also the place where articles and resources are shared.  Because the Discussion Forum  has threads, it is better organized and lends  itself to ongoing categorized discussion which is archived.

How Do I Start A New Group On IAO?

The first step is to see if we already have the Group you have in mind.

If you do not see the Group you are thinking of starting you can email the Editor

Dianne@CDiannezweig.com and propose a group.


you can Proceed to start a new Group by clicking the Groups button at the top of the Main page and then click +ADD button. A screen will open to fill out.

Please be  advised that your proposed Group will be reviewed and if accepted it will be made "Live" by the Editor. The editor has final say on all groups and must approve the group avatar and any changes to that avatar. Also all group content is subject to the editor's review and revision and must adhere to the site rules and regulations.


What Groups Do We Have On IAO?

To View all the GROUPS click on the Group Tab at the top of your page.


What Is A Group Moderator?

The Group Moderator facilitates a particular group helping to keep the Group active, organized and informative. Group Moderators are volunteers. Many of our Group Moderators or Co Moderators  have a passion for a particular collecting area or topic and often are dedicated to the topic. Some of our Moderators are even authors and known experts in the field. 

Do I Have What it Takes To Be A Good Group Moderator?

 Characteristics Of Good Group Moderators

1. Passionate about a particular topic on antiques, collectibles, art.

2. Has time to volunteer to lead and monitor the group.

3. Is able to supervise discussions and interactions in the Group.

4. Enjoys chatting with others.

5. Is able to invite new members into the group.

6. Is able to initiate new Forum Discussion.

7. Encourages members to post in the Group.

8. Adds  interesting resources to the group i.e. books on the topic, news articles, related websites etc.

9. Perhaps outgoing or creative

10. Keeps the Group active with new ideas.

11. Keeps the Group timely i.e. perhaps relates content to news article or holiday etc.

12. Likes to add relevant photos to the group.


How Do I Find Out If There Are Any Group Moderator / Co-Moderator Openings?

In each Group you will see a text box which might read "Moderator Position  Open" .

Some Groups however have Moderators who are looking for a replacement or a co-moderator. Often new groups started by The Editors Desk are in need of a moderator. The best way to find out about openings is to email the Editor



What Is The Group Moderator Group?

This is a Group that all Group Moderators are asked to join.  This Group allows members to learn about matters pertaining to groups and also is a place to share ideas, issues, updates.


How To Request A Change Of A Group Moderator?


We appreciate all the hard work of our Group Moderators. Sometimes a Group Moderator wishes to make a change. We ask that the Group Moderator send an email to the Editor Dianne@cdiannezweig.com notoifying them of their intent to step down.We also encourage Group Moderators to send a message to all members of their group  to see if anyone would like to take over as moderator.

Please send updates to The Editor.


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