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I found this beautiful piece of pottery and I heard something inside of it. I dumped it out and it was a bone (could be somebody was too lazy to put it in the trash,idk)!  I have no idea if it is old or new. It had black worn out felt  on the bottom that I tore off. It says "Made In Italy" and something else that I can't make out. It's 10 1/2" tall. Does anyone know what it is for?

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  I'd suspect that this once held either liquor or wine and perhaps was a local creation rather than having been made by a large corporation.  Not really similar but the shape is reminiscent of this glass bottle of plum brandy which I received as a gift back in the 1980's.

Thank you Mark. BTW that is a lovely bottle!

I received this as a gift from a Yugoslavian diplomat when I was his auto service advisor; he cautioned me not to drive if I drank this.  It's 80 proof so 40% alcohol; I got this around 1977 or so and have not yet opened it and tasted it.  I'm still waiting for a special occasion like hitting the Virginia Lottery.

LOL Good Luck! :)

The general shape, without the base. is known as a "Pilgrim's Flask" The four attachments on the side allows for stringing a cord around the flask and enabling the owner to sling the flask over his or her shoulder thus leaving the hands free, like a woman's purse. The overall design is called "Sgraffito" which is a term used to describe the technique of scratching designs in the clay before it is fired in the kiln. It was popular in the 1920's to the early 1940's, particularly near Deruta. Your flask is a modern adaption. For modern production reasons the scratch lines, in this case, are produced in a mold rather than created by an artist's hand. 

Walter, thank you for all the information. I appreciate it!

Maybe bone was on purpose......URN....?

That's what one of my friends thought. If so, I sure hope it was for a beloved animal.

I've never seen a funerary urn that didn't have a secure lid on it.  Is the chicken bone a broken wish bone?

I don't remember. I threw it away instantly. It creeped me out.

Tom, would that have any meaning (the broken wish bone)?

Also, I think I have a better camera so I may be re-posting some of the items you asked about a better photo and macro settings. Thank you

When 2 people pull a wishbone, they first make a silent wish, then proceed to pull. Whoever gets the longest piece gets his/her wish granted. My Mother kept the "winner" in a cupboard. It was just a fun thing to do. Nothing creepy about it.


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