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This is a small tea-pot shaped sterling silver piece. It is from my great grandmother who was likely born in Manchester, UK in the late 1800's. My grandma, born in 1921, gave it to me in 2014. It has these two small removable pins that fit into the top but the lid does NOT open. I would love to know what it is, it has a few small markings on it that are in the photo (It's small enough to hold in the palm of your hand). Thanks everyone!  

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Strainer basket holders or infusers?

What is the height without the handle? What is the diameter at the bottom? You call the top a lid that does not open.  Is it a lid or is it simply the top of the object? Other than the spout, is there any way to get anything in or out of the item?

I'm confused. Where and how do the pins fit on the top?

Too much back flash in your pics. Background is "busy" and confusing.  Place pot on a white towel or sheet on a table or counter top. Cover background. Turn off flash.  Use Macro setting (flower icon) for close-up of Hallmarks. Take straight on picture, not from an angle.

Is this possibly how it goes?  I've seen numerous other tea pots over time with tiny centre lids such as how this appears, some have a trick to opening them, others simply sit there.  Not sure how the 'pins' are used at this stage.

Too much flash in picture to see clearly; cannot read the Hallmarks. The vertical marks appear to be initials, probably of the company that made them. The horizontal marks likewise are too blurred to read. None of them appear to be marks associated with silver or sterling.

Majority of pots are made of copper with chrome plating.  Brightness looks more like chrome than silver. I googled flat round teapot, clicked "Images".  Many similar,but no exact matches found. Many contained the word "Simplex #2, or 4", Number refers to quart capacity. Squat design is for gas fired ranges. Heats faster and retains heat longer.

Those finials on many merely hold the handle to the pot, but I don't think that's their use on yours. Maybe they hold the tea bags or tea leaf holder.

Most teapots have wooden or plastic handles. Yours may be missing. The metal handle will heat up right along with the teapot and tea and burn your hand when you pick it up.

Is the bottom copper?


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