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I have no idea what this is (and I have 6 of them), or how old (I've had them for decades). They are made from very light non-magnetic metal, probably aluminum and are 2" long and 5/8" in diameter and hollow. One end has the initials S.S. under a crown. I'd like to know what they are.

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That are all exactly the same size. Why would someone just save one end?

For the mark?

Your end may have been the female (outer) piece that fit upon the male (inner) piece by compression. No threads needed...

Getting close to solving this, eh, what brand of cigar?

Two inches long...I've never seen a cigar that short. My thoughts too, bullet doesn't work. Starter guns, very pistols...nada.

Container for something?  Matches, round batteries, birthday candle???

There was an Australian freighter that sank during WWII, "Iron Crown S.S."

QUESTION:  Pic doesn't show inside of tube, opposite side of Crown/SS, is there any residue in it? Discoloration? Does it have any smell?

The embossed end design shows on the inside. No residue, discoloration or smell on the inside.


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