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I have no idea what this is (and I have 6 of them), or how old (I've had them for decades). They are made from very light non-magnetic metal, probably aluminum and are 2" long and 5/8" in diameter and hollow. One end has the initials S.S. under a crown. I'd like to know what they are.

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I was stuck on bullet/shell casings for the longest, but I cannot make that work!  I want to know, too!

Maybe on the large size for a bullet casing and there's no rim on these. The S.S. and crown logo are kinda fancy for a casing.

I totally agree, but there is a lot of different sizes of ammo out there with decorative "headstamps" (the new word I learned)...but I realize the missing rim is what makes it that much more unlikely.   

The crown seems British to me....fancy that? ;) I will keep thinking.

In the picture showing the crown and SS at 8:00 are 3-4 tiny triangle-shaped impressions. These could be the result of a firing pin from a 16mm cannon or anti-aircraft gun. It may have contained a propellant for flares, anti-sub depth charges or mortar shells.  Maybe they were firing caps that were unused and disarmed.

The crown could represent royalty of some country, the S.S. might mean Steam Ship or Submarine.

Old aluminum oxidizes and turns grey colored. It rubs off on your hands, or when used like chalk it leaves a gray mark. It also has a taste and/or smell.

Wikipedia has hundreds of definitions for SS.  If it was German/Nazi it would not have a crown on it, but probably a swastika.

Thanks, Tom. I hadn't noticed those impressions you mentioned.

I took a photo of the embossed end of all of them together.

Might it have held cigars?

That is an excellent guess!  Check out this link.

It says those have screw lids. Mine do not have any threads like they would screw into something.

Well, yours may have had the type of cap that just fits onto the tube, similar to the old tobacco tins, those lids didn't have screw-on type tops either?

You know?  I thought someone might say that, and I was going to include the other kind that Vicki mentioned...but the fact that they had the flat end and stamp made my think of yours.

How about this one?

Image result for flat ended SLIDE TOGETHER cigar cylinder aluminum


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