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i found these 2 awesome pieces made from a wood they have holes in the very top and in the top front and slats around the front an back on the bottom and are 10 inches tall? 

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You say that the bottom is wood and hard and you say that the items are hollow down to the slots.  Is the top part also wood? Is it solid wood from the slot to the bottom of the object?  I have just reread your first description and am confused by it.  What do you mean by "slats around the front an back on the bottom"? - yet, in another note you say that there is nothing on the back.

slats was supposed to say slits (the long holes across the bottom part) all of it is wood 

It would be VERY helpful if you had more than a single picture. Description of physical objects is necessarily hard to understand and thus hard to envision how they could be used. Is there a hole in the bottom? Hole in the top? Show the front (you've done that), the bottom, the back, the top, maybe even the sides if that adds anything.

I agree with Fred this is not primitive, and recent construction.

Finials for a flag or curtain rod, maybe a piece of furniture? - though 10 inches seems a bit out of scale for that.  How about a made in India "peace-pipe" (don't ask me - check the link): http://www.bigashtray.com/product/peace-pipe/

I sent a pic off to the VOO DOO Museum. Shows how desperate I am!!!

hahahaha thanks lol

So I see the small holes at the very top. Are there holes above this on the very top? They do look like a type of whistle (which Fred said from the beginning) I agree they don't look like they have aged too long. At first they reminded me of band and look like the cover you place over a clarinet, saxophone mouthpiece. Either way they look like something was carved by hand and not mass produced. The one on the left has a part glued in from the top and the one of the left from the bottom.

There is a hole on the  very the first thing i did was try it as a whistle in all diff ways and it makes no sound i agree they were totally hand carved 

I thought they looked like some kind of kaleidoscopes at first glance. Just thought I put that out there. :)


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