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Items discovered in a cabinet on the back porch. The Eagle oilcan looks to be in good condition. Is there a specific use for a can with that long and narrow a spout? Unfortunately, the doorbell had been up against a bag of plant food that leaked and corroded the copper. If I were to sell these items, what would be a fair market value? Thanks.

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I think this example might give you some insight into what you have found.


If that was a reference to me, I do see the ruler, that I obviously overlooked, but I still do not see wires in this one, and the pull string appears to be leather....to my eyes.  

Maybe you can show us more definitive examples of what you are explaining?

You are seeing things that aren't there, Tom. There are NO electric wires in that bell. That is a rawhide cord that is pulled and the spring makes it hit the bell. Where do you think the wire you see are? Here is a close-up of the mechanism:

BTW - thanks for the links, Molly, that helps a lot.

Oops, screwed up again!  :(

Yep, I like the one you found better.  There you go!


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