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im in love with this piece even thought I am stumped . Underneath the table is a wooden screw piece then when extended enables the table to slant. But way? It’s pretty old and in great condition. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance John 

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please help me identify this piece.  A great old table with a wooden screw apparatus which causes the table to slant.  Why? 

This one looks like it might have been hand made, as opposed to a proper cabinet maker. But, in most cases, slant tables were made as space savers. Whether as a game table, parlor, kitchen or work table they slant so that you can push them against the wall, out of the way, when not in use.

Yours looks like pine?, which I would guess would be late Victorian,  1880 - 1910 ish.

I  think there is a difference in a "slant table" and a "tilt table". The latter tilts upright and fits against a wall, thereby saving space.  A slant table utilizes gravity in a production line to cause liquids or wheels to flow or roll down hill.  There are numerous possibilities. Your undercarriage looks like it might have been a pin-ball machine case which tilts up to allow balls to roll down hill.  The height can be raised or lowered which increases or decreases ball speed.  (I owned a video arcade).  The planks on top appear to be home made. In placer (gold) mining the sluice box is tilted to allow gold to drop out of the water. Some gems, esp diamonds, use a tilted flow to retrieve them. Meat packing or butchering utilizes a tilt for blood and waste flow.

Thank you Tom 


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