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Not legal tender. I surmise they were given as a premium for something and ran in a series requiring a customer to continue to purchase whatever it took to get the next one. These look like they are made of a coppery alloy and are slightly larger than a quarter. The obverse had a portrait of the President and the reverse had pertinent info on him. The ones I have only go up to Harry Truman (excluding Jefferson, Garfield, B. Harrison and F.D. Roosevelt), so I don't know if that's as far as it went when these coins were issued. Does anyone know the history of these or how a collector went about obtaining them? Any value (consider mine are not in mint condition, many show some signs of corrosion)?

Shown: Washington, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and Truman

Reverse of Washington token

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I believe they were issued with a cardboard to hold them as a premium by Shell Gas stations. they were being given out in the mid 1960's if memory serves me correct.  Judging by the condition, value would be minimal. Maybe 50c apiece at a retail outlet.

Thanks for that lead, James. I researched them using the Shell and and found these:


I see they went up through Lyndon Johnson, so I am missing a few.


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