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Thank you for setting me on the right track Tom.   Sorry.   This is a Tazza according to Tom.   Tom I'm pretty sure it is a MerMAN.   Muscles and short hair.   It belonged to my parents who are both gone now.   Just don't know what to do with it, if anything.   So here are the pictures and I am hoping for some advice.  Thank you.   

I was only able to post three (3) pictures?  I have many more.

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After you create the post, you can upload more pictures in the box...like the one I am typing in.  It says Upload Files in the bottom left corner.

I figured I would help out so people could see what's going on

I've done more research on this with Sue when certain clues led me to believe it was made by England's greatest silversmith, Paul Storr and could command a 6 figure value. Unfortunately Storr died in 1844 and this piece has a date mark of 1856. It was made by Hunt & Roskell which Storr founded in 1819 and ran until 1843 at which time it underwent 2 name changes. H&R continued until 1897. Their hallmark is a shield with a crown on top and their initials, RH & RR, inside. Value is estimated at $XXXXX.(Sue might not want this info published).  The crown on top indicates a Royal Charter. Storr made the bright red crown`that QEII often wears!

There is a name of Stepp inscribed in one of the pictures which happens to be Sue's maiden name! In one picture is the Stepp family crest, inscribed as a half lion-half dolphin; called a chimera and/or also called a sea-lion. The family crest usually sits atop the family's Coat of Arms EXCEPT when it's displayed on silver. In that case a wreath with 6 twists in it indicates the Coat of Arms is missing.


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