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I"m trying to find out any information on my rug. It appears to be hand made and it is signed or dated in the corner. 

Any ideas

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what does the back look like? same pattern or blank?

The back has same pattern as the front.


It is 8 by10

Home Depot (and other retailers) sell machine made, oriental/persian reproduction rugs that look like yours. 8x10 is a common size. It's difficult to tell about rugs w/o a hands on appraisal. Repro rugs range in values from $230. to $650. USD. Here's a few from Google: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A86.JyL3blxZVjoASGY...

So do you think that is what the mark on the rug says "Home Depot" only in a different language?

Like I said it's difficult to appraise without a hands on view. No reason to get facetious. I spent around 30 minutes researching your rug to no avail.


It's an Afghanistan Bokhara Turkmen style rug. Looks pretty new, so it may have been made somewhere other than Afghanistan. Read about the rugs on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkmen_rug

From your pictures it looks handloomed, but I would want to hold it up close to be sure. I don't read Arabic, but I don't think those are numbers, maybe a signature or more likely a maker mark, since these are produced in a factory from a fixed pattern and by more than one worker. I think the fact that it is signed makes it more likely to be from Afghanistan rather than India or Asia. Take it to a local oriental carpet store and they can tell you for sure where it was made and the age.

Thank you

The design in the diamond looks to me like it is Kufic which is, as stated in Google, "An early angular form of the Arabic alphabet found chiefly in decorative inscriptions."

This is not proof one way or the other as to its age nor authenticity, merely an interesting point as to the design.



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