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What is this it's unique and beautiful.

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Appears to be a Native American Wedding Vase, Though yours is a bit rough. May be from South America. looks like no markings on the base. Here is some info for you: https://blog.kachinahouse.com/the-meaning-behind-the-native-america...

Image result for earthenware wedding vase

Like this example above, wedding vases are customarily symmetrical.  The one Sharon is showing us has a distinct "cap" on one side, almost like a tea pot?

SHARON'S below

It's a cantir, also known as a harvest jug. Probably of Spanish or Portuguese origin.

Cantir!  There you go!

Made in Mexico. I see them frequently. My town in E. Oregon is 65% Mexican. They're described as a "double throat vase."


Addendum: Yours is not a vase, it's a canteen, or "cantina" in Spanish. The wide opening is for filling the canteen and the round-pointed one is for pouring or sipping from it.  I assume there's a hole in it as your picture doesn't show the top. They are made in Mexico of terra cotta clay (not redware). Most of them come with tequila or some other liquor, but they are also used for cheap canteens. Filled they cost $10-20.USD, empty around $5. 

The double throat vase has two equal open throats suitable for flowers. They were originally made by SW American Indians, called Wedding Vases.  and still are.


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