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Sold for $12.000. Unbelievable that people will spend that for bowls.

I've never seen that for a set or Pyrex bowls!
My deceased fiance said she knew you.
Would you be willing to talk?

sure, who was she?

Some folks have just plain lost their dayum minds! LOL I just saw another set of these sell for 24,000. Yes Twenty four Thousand! Crazy! I think they have more $ than sense!

BTW - This is the first email I've gotten from IAO in quite awhile! Molly mentioned she put up a few discussions but I never got them, did you?


don't feel like I missed any

I wonder if it was sold internationally, went out of county, just curiosity

Ugly pattern, but ugly sells.

Over the past 15 years I've bought every piece of pyrex I found at yard/garage sales. Unfortunately they're all boxed, so I've been un-packing. So far I haven't found anything worth more than 15-20 bucks. I did find a set of 3 bowls, ebay value $16. I use a 4 bowl set; (missing yellow) red, blue and green for cereal bowls.

I have full set of the "Primary" 1 yellow I green 1 blue and 2 of the red, I love them. Use the for my baking  and mixing all the time

I found a set while unpacking of the 4 colors, large to small mixing bowls but the colors have a "washed look" (art term). The colors look like pastel colors. Red isn't red, it's pink with dark red droplets.  I don't have any pics of them.

Do you (or anybody) know what I mean?

not me


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