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I have a small piece of art work and I don't know where to start

to research it.  Do you have a suggestion.  It would be greatly appreciated

I am looking to sell it and want to figure out it's value

I have look at asian antique art work sites - with the word tiger.

It looks like it is done in a black chalk or?

It is signed and Dated 1888 - How do you research an artist signature?



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Hi Janice,

You've definitely got an intaglio print; the question is, what kind? I will venture to say it is both an etching (due to the uniform thickness of the lines) and aquatint (based on the variation of dark and light in the background). It is not an engraving or mezzotint. While it is possible that this was made in 1888, I'm not completely convinced it actually says 1888. Also, the number could refer to the impression and not the date. To look into the artist monogram, you could try www.artistssignatures.com. There are also reference books on artist signatures.

I apologize - I never saw your response.  I got sick - and took a while 

to get back to normal. 

I am still researching this piece of art.

I did take the backing off to take a better photo.

It almost looks like pen and ink on a form of thin rice paper

I still can make out all the letters in the name 

Thank you again for research and sending me the web site for signatures




Russian, certainly 1988. Siberian tiger. It's not uncommon to see the nine written backwards. 

I believe the date 1888 is incorrect. It looks like 1P88 to me, but I'd guess the artist didn't know how to make the number "9" and made it backwards. There is a Pen and Ink artist in China who draws a lot of tigers whose last name is "Oy", Joensuun Mainospiste Oy. He began in the 1980s and is still living.


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