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Cast metal of some sort with a brass of gold finish. Mounted on a stone base and signed Charles Grafton ?  Interesting piece....one of two.  Any help truly appreciated.

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This is not "cast" metal. It is made with a cutting torch free hand with brass or bronze metals. Most often made by amateur or newly trained welding students. Some artists get quite good,others not.  Your artist felt his renderings were good enough to sign. No idea on age or value.

Thanks Tom, Your info led me in the right direction.  Brutilist Art.  Still haven't put a name on the character though. He looks familiar but nothing comes to mind. Any help again would be appreciated.

To be able to make that with metal I think would take some skill. The face reminds me of a cartoon character, can't figure it out yet. If it was a one of a kind type sculpture it narrows down the odds of finding a picture.

Bill, I added some more words to "Brutilist art" which opens up more subjects closely resembling yours to wit: brass and/or bronze brazing rods.

I can't find your character, "naked tennis player". It brings up all kinds of pornographic material.  Maybe he was a character in The Flintstones comics.

In researching I saw some Brutalist artworks around $8-10,000. USD. Sold or hammer prices. Zowy.


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