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Hi, my aunt just gave these to me and asked me to look up, she said they were here grandmothers.

Any ideas why the backs have posts? Do you think it's Kalk marking?

Thanks in advance and happy Thanksgiving!

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"This Kalk German porcelain crossed-arrow mark on what looks like a 19th-century Rococo style wall hanging was made by Arnart Creations, which contracted out the creation of figurines and decorative porcelain items to companies in Japan, Germany and Taiwan that were exported to the United State and other countries beginning about 1953"  (Pinterest, from Worthpoint).

"This" refers to your mark on your item. 

It answers my question about the rusty hex nut and bolt on it which didn't exist in the Kalk era, 1850-1920.

Correction: delete "1850-1920"  insert "early 1800s"

Thank you!!

I want to know why the backs have posts?  The screws look like they were hacked off shorter...the plate/washer under the nut, seems to suggest it needed to lay flat against something...and yet the "keyhole" on the bottom suggests the figurines were to be hung sideways??  Something besides the rope of the swing is missing here IMO.

It's a mystery! This is how I got them. 

The keyhole part underneath the girls would likely be how they were attached to the seat of the swing.

As for the metal bolts and plates, as a guess, and a sad one at that, if the thread for the swings came loose from beneath the seat of the girls and the swing they were seated to, perhaps someone decided it would be a good idea to add the bolts as a means to help tie off the thread behind the girls backs where it couldn't be seen.  Practical and functional, even if a terribly unpleasant looking way to achieve it.

Do you still have the rest of the figure which these girls used to swing from?

unfortunately, the girls are all I have.

I wonder if they were part of a lamp, made to sit on a base.

Is  there  a hole in the girls' fists, perhaps where a wire, now missing, was attached? Holding a fist up in the air is not a common pose for dainty females...therefore I'm guessing they were holding something.

Yes, there are holes, so I am assuming they used to be swinging but that doesn't make any sense that there are the bolts but what Michael said does make sense.

They were obviously on swings with ropes/wires but when you think of swinging you don't really think of being bolted to something. :)  But, it they were attached to lamps that does make sense...now, why would they have a "keyhole" nail hanger on the bottom?


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