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Hmm I'm stumped dunno how to describe this. Anybody know what this is??

So I just bought this it thingamajig I'm guessing it would of set atop a scepter of some kind maybe...I have no clue.

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I think Linda is correct it does look like a processional cross. Do you know what it is made of ? that may help you date it although it looks hand made so it is very old.

In some parts of the world hand-made is still very much being done (think central and south america, parts of asia and middle-east, africa, etc.), so that is not a reliable way to date an item, unless you know where it came from (e.g. if it was silver and had marks from a European country). The decoration actually looks kind of mexican to me, but needs more info before jumping to any conclusions like that.

Just as Linda's example showed, the closest in appearance to Ryan's item is the Ethiopian Processional Cross.

I saw her search and it looks similar. But that doesn't mean it actually IS an ANCIENT Ethiopian Processional Cross as Holly suggested - just that it LOOKS like one. It may well be from Africa (one of the areas I listed) - but without a lot more close inspection one would have to assume it is not an old one.

Not entirely sure & this isn't exact but I'd guess it as a Processional Cross. https://www.google.com/search?q=priests+carry+this+long+pole+with+c...:


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