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When we were gifted this painting in the 80's, we were told it was "very valuable". I thought I tracked it down to being a Sali Herman but think I am incorrect in that assessment. Can anyone help to identify this artist's signature, and info and possible age? Thanks very much!

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 This is an oil on Canvas J . Baninin no dots in canvas

As you can see not dots in this Clown Oil on Canvas 

An Original Noel K Edwards Indian Oil on Canvas . I knew this artist and bought this after he died

The style does not look like Sali Herman, nor does the signature look like hers. I disagree with Fred and based on your pictures think this is a painting not a print. But I agree with him that you can take this to an auctioneer to find out whether they would be interested in it for a sale and a verbal assessment of its value and who might have painted it.

The canvas looks fairly recent to me, so if you got it in the 80's I would guess that it was painted not long before that. I would be very surprised if it was painted in 1914.

There are a lot of anonymous artists, so you may never find who painted this, though asking an auctioneer is your best bet if you don't want to do it yourself and don't want to pay. It is possible that its supposed value is because of the subject matter and not the artist - it is a well-executed painting of boats in a harbor, and this is a popular subject matter. Also, value in the 80's may have been higher than it is now, since ebay has made anonymous used art a lot more available than it used to be.

Since I buy and deal with art and frames on a regular basis . I have to disagree with Jeff on it being a painting. I have seen to many of these fake made to look like oil on canvas works.


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