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When we were gifted this painting in the 80's, we were told it was "very valuable". I thought I tracked it down to being a Sali Herman but think I am incorrect in that assessment. Can anyone help to identify this artist's signature, and info and possible age? Thanks very much!

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I have been looking this morning and I cannot even find boats that have the white bottoms with the brown on top.  It is always the reverse.  The other thing I notice is the Mediterranean style building in the background, which may or may not help place it.  In addition, I have noticed that many sailing vessels have some sort of flag, but this one does not.  Finally, the sky is quite subdued, whereas many have dramatic skies...clouds, sun, storminess,etc.

Good luck

This may not be an oil painting . I see the dots in the canvas and no brush strokes. looks like a repro done with a machine or offset press.

I see the dots, but there is also a lot of texture, very visible around the signature.  

Unless it was painted on after that fact?

Most of the paintings of this type were made to look like real paintings. They are actually copies done on machines.

Molly , no brush strokes or palette knife was used on this . Take it to a local art dealer and they will confirm what I am telling you. 

The story: Al Grimm (art specialist, expert restorer from Chgo who is now deceased) gave this to my father -in-law (who is also deceased) who gave it to us. At the time, Al said it was valuable but that's all I know. It was saved after a fire as is shown by the water spots on the back. The family owned a restoration business. Anyway, I believe it was reframed. I contacted a Chgo art appraiser who wants $500. Not doable for me. Now I need to figure out how to add the additional pics from my phone. Thank you so much for taking your time in trying to help with this.

Never really paid attention to the numbers on the back before. Could that possibly be painting # 19 on 10-10-1914? Yes, I know they probably didn't use staples at that time but as I previously said, this was a saved painting, was reframed and possibly there was more to the edges previously. That's why I also posted a pic of the edge of the canvas. I'm sorry I didn't originally post better pics. Thank you, again! I really appreciate any help! 

This is not a real oil painting on canvas . It is most likely a copy of a 1914 painting done by Herman.  Oil paintings will have brush strokes . I have seen these many times . I would look around your area for an auction house that offers free appraisals.  # 19 is most likely the order number of this item. It still may have value but what the value would be will depend on many factors

Hmmm. I see brush strokes. Maybe they are not showing up well in my photos. Thank you very much for taking the time to help. Do you have any idea who "Herman" might be?

Linda, Herman seems to be a common name for many Artists. One needs to examine this up close. I would suggest taking it to an auction house that offers free appraisals.


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