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Can anyone help with this china.  I get that it is either Martin Freres or Charles Martin, but everywhere I looked, I could not find this particular pattern which makes me think it is quite rare.  The story my mother tells is that it is one of two patterns made before the Martins split, and then it was never produced again.  She said it should be from around late 1890's to early 1900.


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Your picture is too small to be of any help.  Please increase pixel size.  Also submit picture of the china, shape and design and include dimensions.

Is Martin a first name? If so how can they split?  Don't understand.

Ok.  I will take some better pictures when I get home.  I took them this morning with my phone.  The mark on the back of the dishes is a green triangle with "Limoges-France-Depose" and underneath that is another that is blue with "Martin (arched) and Limoges under that.  From what I read, was that there was a Pierre Martin and Charles Martin-and something came about in around 1886 and only Charles Martin continued.  I have looked at all the Charles Martin patterns I have been able to find, but cannot find that one.  Also, on some of the dishes, it appears to be either a D or B in cursive that is imprinted into the porcelain.  One one dish there is also either a 5.116. or 5.776 painted in gold.  I will post some better pictures.

Thank you for your response and help.

Maybe these are better pictures?  I'm not so savvy on the ways of pixels!  The cup is about 2.5 inches across and 2 inches deep.  The cake plate is about an 8 inch plate.



With a better picture you can send it to Replacements.com and they will identify the pattern and maker for free

Thank you so much.

I googled:   "Limoges France Depose" (in quotes) green triangle Martin;  and quite a few hits came up; here is one of them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Limoges-Replacement-Saucer-Martin-P....

Your new pics are much better!

If you visit Replacements, when it opens click on the dark blue stripe in left margin and the patterns will show. 


I'm glad.  Yes, that is what I have been doing, and found a good listing of Martin patterns, and called myself going through all of them, but could not find this particular one.  After speaking with my mother last night, she said the story she was told is that the manufacturing plant where this was made had only produced two patterns and then the plant was bombed?  And that the two original patterns were lost and never produced again.  I did take Ginger's advice, and sent pictures with an Identification request to replacements.com.

Thank you and if I find anymore out, I will keep you informed.  

Well, I received an email today from Replacements.com, and they informed me that the pattern was Charles Martin, pattern name CMT184-Pattern code: CMTCMT184, but I do not find that listing on their website.  They are to let me know within 24 hours if they have replacements, so, I guess I will find out more then as I do not find it anywhere on the internet researching with "Charles Martin CMT 184" or any other variation except on to their website, which stops at pattern CMT183!

Just updating.  Thank you all for your help!!!


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