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This came in a few days ago and after dozens of hours I'm no closer to knowing what it is.  It is carved out of a light wood and fits the hand with thumb and trigger finger. Maybe some kind of smoking device?  Any thoughts will be appreciated as usual.

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Perhaps the small hole would hold sticks of incense?

That could be the case.  I explore that further. Thanks!

It's a hand-carved Chinese Opium pipe from the mid to late 1800s. One sold (link) for $88.00 which I feel was way below value. Link tells how it works.


Thanks again Tom.  I spent a lot of time on eBay and on Goggle but ID eluded me.  Thanks again.

I would go with incense burner . Do not see how anything could fit inside to smoke out of it.

Fred, Opium was a gooey liquid, came in tiny glass bottles (I have 3 of them). A firebrand was placed inside the hole and the fumes came out which were then inhaled. One did not suck on it like a tobacco pipe.

I am just not seeing how you would clean it out either

Who said you cleaned it?


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