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I did a google image search and came up empty.

I'm guessing it was worn by someone who attended a military school, but that's just a guess.

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Might be a military academy uniform. I.e.  :.... private school for boys, military style. Where did you find it? Id start with any local places, past or present. It just doesn't look like a proper uniform, with the star and etc.

I'm guessing military academy uniform too, but was hoping for an "exact" match.

Have you tried searching for all relative academies in your area, and/or in nearby states? You didn't mention what state/city where you found it?

I'm in NY. Item was procured from an estate sale on Long Island.

"By 1858, Jacob had settled in his location at the corner of 2nd and Spruce, and was becoming increasingly involved with the production of military uniforms.  This practice was something that would continue for decades, as Reed’s and then Jacob Reed’s Sons would produce uniforms for government agencies ranging from the Army and Navy to the Post Office and National Parks."


I read this. Jacob & Sons was located in Philadelphia, but this item was found in NY. I wonder if they had a catalog business.

But if it is a uniform from the Civil War era, why couldn't the person who owned it have moved from one northern state to another?  Or they could have been based somewhere else?

While that may be true, it looks like they also did Military academies. The other thing is, I've never seen a USA military uniform ( old or modern) that didn't use their own label, regardless of who(m) made them, they always have USA marking or label in them. Unless it was a practice for very specific service members?

......Jacob Reed’s Sons would produce uniforms for government agencies ranging from the Army and Navy to the Post Office and National Parks."

From Wikipedia

"The motto "Toujours Prêt" (Always Ready) expresses the spirit and élan of the Regiment. Background. The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 2d Cavalry Regiment on 16 January 1923."

Toujours Pret looked like toil jours pret to my tired eyes; toujours works better. One of Molly's links gives a complete history of the 2nd Cavalry, Strykers Division, Fox Troop (F is for Fox) 1919-1939 however your screaming eagle shoulder patch doesn't show up.

Fox Troop assisted in capturing or killing the Indians that killed Custer. In 1877 they helped in the pursuit of Chief Joseph's Nez Perce war.


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