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Hi:  I'm trying to find the artist for this piece. I can't make out. the whole name.   Also, what does H.F. after the artists name mean??

It is 3 tiles that are framed to make a picture with the artist's signature at the bottom.  The frame is interesting in that the inner blue is a felt like material.  Thanks for any help. 

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That's the only definition I could find for HF.

Where do you go?  I have several shelves full and over-flowing with stuff just like yours that I can't ID or sell, waiting for my next garage sale.

If you do sell it, a lot of people might buy it to incorporate your tiles into their new tile design. Make sure you state that they're ceramic,glazed tiles. Give the exact size.  "About six inches" isn't exact.

I really appreciate your comments.  First, I would not dare to come to your garage sale!  I will probably sell my place this year and move. Perhaps it is time to move on with this and just call it a pretty picture!  

I don't sell damaged stuff, not even in garage sales. As a hoarder for 35 years or so you'd be missing one of the best garage sales ever. I only hoard antiques and collectibles, and paintings!

My last garage sale was in 1979.

Moving out of Texas?

Guess that garage sale will be in 2032 or so.  I'd end up buying way too much.  No, I'll stay in Texas.  I got a horse when I was 55 and learned about my breed, the Paso Fino.  City girl got 23 acres in the country, built a show barn, etc. and was very serious  and successful in breeding, showing and competing.  I filled my bucket list 100%.  No longer doing horses so I don't need this much land or the barn.  The barn has a small apartment which is nice for company though.   Regarding your hoarding comment, people asked  how could  I sell my foals or horses or puppies - My comment is "I'm a breeder, not a collector".  Wouldn't some of your wonderful things would be enjoyed by someone rather than sitting in a box or ?          

Looks like I'm batting zero.  I got a response from the Smithsonian and looked around.  There is a lot one could learn but I couldn't get anywhere.  They directed me to appraisers - here was the answer:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding your set of tiles.


While the Smithsonian Institution cannot appraise, authenticate or date objects for private individuals, SI’s main webpage does feature a list of resources for you to obtain an appraisal and conduct research on your object: https://www.si.edu/faqs/appraisals. This includes links to directories of experts in art and other cultural heritage artifacts.


Best of luck with your research!





Deborah Shapiro

Archives Technician (Reference)
Smithsonian Institution Archives



I asked SI about a collection of "Fire Marks" they obtained from an Insurance company and they provided all sorts of info. Sorry about misleading you and thanks for letting us know the results. I won't recommend using them anymore.

Was this recent?  You may have asked differently or got someone who was willing to help?  I thought maybe they had groups or something, only gave 3 appraisers that were back east.

I appreciate the try.  There are chat groups for every subject that one can think of.  Think I'll hunt.  


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