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Hi:  I'm trying to find the artist for this piece. I can't make out. the whole name.   Also, what does H.F. after the artists name mean??

It is 3 tiles that are framed to make a picture with the artist's signature at the bottom.  The frame is interesting in that the inner blue is a felt like material.  Thanks for any help. 

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Ceramic tiles made for the US market measure in inches, 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" (square). In other markets they are measured in millimeters. Not knowing the size I can only guess that they are from Turkey or the Ottoman Empire which pre-dates Turkey.

The word "Ka" I believe refers to a religious sect as it is used frequently by other peoples, artists included.  There is also a black shrine known as "Ka" or "Ka,ba" in Mecca.  I think the artist's name precedes the word, Ka. Most artists worked for groups or societies of artists and I think "H.F." refers to the group. The letters HF are a different shade of blue which indicates they may have been added later.

Note:  I don't speak Turkish and some of my thoughts are speculation and not verified. Your tile has a modern appearance but there are similar that were made in the 1600s, 1700s, etc and are in museums. The older ones are valued at $3,000.00 USD or more. You might consider having an appraisal done.

Thank you for writing.  Do you think you can get the spelling of the name?  The middle tile is 6" tall and probably 6" across.  I have never seen a picture with a frame with this velvet or felt like piece.  It was framed in Oregon.   Here is another picture with the signature.  I'll do a little digging from what you said.  

Turkey has 3 different languages, maybe more.  Farsi, Turkish-Cyrillic, and Turkish-English. Their letters are different from ours (English).  For instance, "W" is "U U", and in 1 language there isn't a "W".  I can't find examples of these letters written in lower case, cursive like they're written in his (or her) name.  What looks like small "w", could be ee, ii,cc,uu,vv or something else. It's beyond my ability.  Sorry.

Not knowing the age, or century, doesn't help either. I developed 2 artist societies in Turkey (there are others) and checked their "Members or Artists"  names and found nothing similar.

The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC will assist you for FREE by e-mail. One of their rules is that YOU CANNOT QUOTE THEM should you advertise it for sale. They will litigate if you do...

Again, thank you for your attempt.  Your idea of writing the Smithsonian is interesting.  Do you off hand have an address to send an e-mail.  If I can learn the name of the artist, I probably could look up information.

Molly thank you for that.  I've tried but failed to attach a picture of the signature.  Any ideas for that since I'm trying to find out what the name is?

Can't you just send the images like you did to this site?

Make sure you send the image of entire piece, like #5890, and then include a close up image of the signature and specify your query in the narrative?

Here's a 150% increase in size of signature.

Regarding pic to Smithsonian I had to establish contact with a person before I could send pics.

Ok, now I understand.  There was no way I saw to send photo's.  So I will write and say I need to send photographs.   Thank you both!  If I get the answer, I'll let you know.

My reply of April 13, 2020 did not include "Arabic" which is what the "H.F." designates. There are numerous dialects spoken and H.F. designates which one the artist speaks.  It has nothing to do with the artistry of the tile.

Thank you for your help.

  From this you are saying the artist speaks an Arabic language?  So where do I go from here?  


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