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Hello, My husband and I found these awesome glasses and there doesn't seem to be much information out there regarding their value. We have 7 of them, and they are about 4 1/4" high, and hold 12 ounces. They are marked "Hirschfeld 1954." Any help pointing us in the right direction would be appreciated! Have a wonderful day!

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They are referred to as Hirschfeld 1954 Movieland glasses and all indication is that they are rare. There was a Chaplin (same as yours) that sold on Worthpoint but being that I'm not a member, I can't get the price. There were also some that sold on Ebay but they were all of bar ladies. Worthpoint has a free 14-day trial. Let us know unless someone can provide more info here. Probably will! Lots of extremely knowledgeable people here. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/al-hirschfeld-movieland-glas...

Here's the Worthpoint link with 6 glasses. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/hirschfeld-drinking-glasses-...

Thank you, Linda!  I did see those on Worthpoint and I have been debating signing up for that site.  Since they were sold on Ebay originally, I searched there under the "Sold Listings" but I suppose the auction was too long ago that it has been purged.  Thank you very much for your time in helping me find these!

Does anybody else have any info on these?


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