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This item was found at an estate sale in Oregon. Not entirely sure of its age or exact origin - thinking it may have been made in Iran for export? Has Chinese influence, but the gilding is unique. The floral designs remind me of something that would be made in the Middle East. Covered with a lead-tin glaze, I do not think it is true porcelain. (Based on unglazed areas). 

Thank you!

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Pic of Base

I have an old dresser set with porcelain bottles, powder container and tray. The bottles, although not the same pattern, look like that.

Do they have any markings? Perhaps a certain maker made this style of bottle?


As I said, they aren't the same bottles, but have similar stoppers. Here is a pic of the one I have and the sticker on the bottom. Good luck.


Asher, you say the gilding is unique but I'd say it was quickly, but poorly done. If you zoom in on your attached links (not  the pics posted by Molly) and double click on the image, twice, you can zoom in. Then you can see how sloppily it was gilded (or painted). Gilding consists of pure powdered gold mixed with other things, frequently mercury is used. When fired the mercury burns off leaving the gold. I suspect it is not gilding, just gold paint. This looks like the work of Hong Kong shops.

In your link with the bird you can see a large chip in the rim. This devalues the piece.

It looks like the bottom of the stopper is cork, can't tell for sure. If so it was glued to the stopper with a modern type glue which dates it to 1980s or newer.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

Thank you for your response Tom - yes the gilding is strange and doesn't match the painting well ("unique" can mean a number of things). It is not a cork but the paste without any glaze instead. I'm not interested in the value but only in what it is :)

The design around the stopper doesn't match the design on the lower part, nor does it line up with the lower part either. The stopper has gilding around the horizontal lines, but no gilding around the horizontal lines of the lower part. IMHO you have the wrong stopper.

With the correct, tighter-fitting stopper, you could have a snuff bottle. As is, a bell-shaped bottle.


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