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Hi all,

We've had this in the family for a few decades-can anyone decipher the autograph? Seems like B or R and perhaps an i or single umlaude u.

Many thanks and see if you don't make our 'Rembrant' also...



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We've since had it curated so no more tear.

The last name is Bohmer, with an umlaut over the o, Boehmer spelled out. The first initial looks like an H to me. There is an artist Heinrich Boehmer, but the painterly style is not quite right and the signature is not a match. I wonder if it could be Helen Dorothy Boehmer (1901-89) or someone else who isn't listed.

Awesome, I bet the latter but the age doesn't coincide as this is surely 120-170 yrs old.

Value? who knows. I spent 175 curating the tear and clean up.

Can anybody see a reflection in the glass thing under the pointed dunce cap that looks like a bear's head? Kinda cute.

Florida chameleon (anole) amped up on crystal?


Fritz Boehmer, American, 1875-1942.  Same signature as yours. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&tbm=isch&...

When my link opens look to the right, the large picture, by Fritz.  Heinrich B. over powers the search engine. There is 1 other ptg but you'll have to find it.  AskArt shows 2 ptgs, says he paints mostly miniatures and is from Ohio. AskArt bases artist's worth by using comparables from recent sales. Only known sale I found was for $35. USD. That isn't good news if you spent $175. restoring it.

More: https://www.google.com/search?q=Fritz+Boehmer+oil+paintings&cli...

Nice find. Seems like the same artist. mine has a nicer subject and people ask about it often in the shop. I can also make a mirror out of the frame and fecth 125. but it'll sell as it is for 295-350 range.

I'm not sure it is the same artist. the last name has one too many letters in his name. Böhmer vs Boehmer. The o in your paintings signature clearly has no e, and the o does have at least one dot visible in the picture above the o.

Here is a signature by Ferdinand Böhmer. I'm clearly not suggesting this is your artist, only to show how his name appears and also show one dot above the o.  It does better space out letter by letter match for the last name, with no e.

Did Fritz. Heinrich B. ever change his name, or sign his paintings differently over time?  I do realise some artists do change how they sign, though change their spelling...

I believe you have a painting by R. Bömer, although I cannot find any further information out about this author I am showing linked below, it is also possible the first initial of R, is an incorrect assumption by the website, as they themselves do not even mention the artist's full name, or that the artist R. Bömer, may simply be not as well-known.

pickwickantiques.com - Site Link versus your painting's signature

Good point.  I noticed the misspelling too, but the other letters look correct including the "F", the "B" and the tail on the "h", and the placement on the painting, lower right corner.

Maybe Fritz got tired of people asking him what the dot (or double dot) over the "o" meant and changed his spelling. 

Unfortunately, the pickwickanqtiques.com link no longer works, so here is the signature picture file in much higher resolution if you wish to see it closer up.


And here it is cleaned up a tad-sure looks similar. Mine may have more wear.


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